Thursday, November 30, 2006

Its been a while...

Well, to all my friends... its been a while since I have blogged.. my last blog on my old "MSN space" was March 06. Imagine

So here is my new attempt. Jill MacD has inspired me ( to start another one.

What am I making lately... not much. A bit of sewing, a bit of scrapping but am more busy with life in general. Trying to stay active through out the day to help battle the bulge is all I can fit in right now. I am yoga "ing" every day, different forms. some are morning stretches, and other are quite a workout. Dr. Oz (Oprah's good friend) says you need to do 4 things every day to keep healthy. Stretch every day... walk every day....raise your heartrate for 30 minutes every day.... lift weights. That is the active part of it. So once you fit all that in every day... the day is friggin' done.!!
Another thing that I am doing, with my sister and her middle child (Michele), yes we both have a Michelle... but, hey, we are sisters. Ok, we are starting tomorrow, the month of sweets and yummy temptations, on this is a tracking system that you can join for free, and believe me, you don't get junk mail or anything from them. It is so cool. You can track all your food, and they add up all the calories, cholesterol, etc.. for ya. And you track your activities as well. We want to do this for the whole month of Dec to keep in better touch with what we are "popping" in our yaps.... so, if you would like to join us, please do. its actually fun. (in a sick way)

thats it for today...