Thursday, March 29, 2007

ok, this is my second blog of the day.....but

this was just too funny this morning... Dad was sitting having his coffee before breakfast, and Pika was cuddled up with him, snoozing. When it was time for dad to make his way to the table, he picked up Pika and gently placed him in the basket of his walker.... where Pika stayed for over an hour.....

Grey's is a repeat tonight.....

What a busy week. And long. I can't believe its only Thursday.

This weeks news..... our new principal has been announced. Mike Baltzer. That is incredibly exciting and a huge relief to the staff. It was just one of those things that everyone was on edge about since about Feb 15th. But not many admitted it. We were all willing to discuss our worries, but we didn't really acknowledge that the stress of not knowing who was coming, and the stress of fearing the unknown, had blanketed our staff through the entire Feb/Mar season (you know, report cards, March Break, parent/teacher visitations... stressful enough at the best of times). BUT.... Mike. Former teacher, one of the best we had, and great with kids. One of those cool teachers, who seemed to have a relationship with the kids that was unmeasurable. He has been principal at Bridgetown for the last 5-6 years. We are blessed and relieved. We will miss Heather and her energy, positive attitude and her female twist on most things. Mike will be a different leader, and that is good, because you just can't replace someone like Heather.

Fiscal year end...... oh my..... that is my week. Three of them. How is that possible to have 3 year ends? I ask myself that too. I hold three different set of books. One of them is only temporary, until Libby comes back, which will be next week I think. But, regardless, I have the year end fun, and will hand her over a brand new year. My own books consist of school books, which hold all the teachers classroom funds, and fundraising, grants, trip money etc. And then there's the School Board books... which is all purchase orders and operating cost stuff.... both unique and fun, until this very week. Then they all funnel down into the same sort of soup pot which I must chop, dice, slice, stir and mash until they are both done. And.... I am one day away. The last bank deposit goes in today, and the last bills paid today, and the books are then done tomorrow and sent away. The board money....done. bills and PO's....done. Cafeteria....done. almost there.

Healthy Snack Grant....done...except for Chantal's approval. Then it will be faxed today... so we can buy more little snackies for the kidlings.
When off to Clare tomorrow (Mixed curling bonspiel) , right after work. So tonight I must cook and prepare lots of lunches and suppers for dad, and rearrange the fridge so he can find things. I have to pack and prepare some weekend food, and ... that's it, I think.

My cold has transitioned into a coughing cold, instead of a "no breathing" cold. That is just lovely for the weekend that I will be sleeping in a cottage with 3 other couples. *cough, cough, cough*.... I wonder if I drink lots, will I cough less..... I will try that tomorrow night.

One weekend away from Easter... starting to plan some activities for the weekend. I love to plan fun things for the whole family to get involved with. Our Easter weekends are always one of my favorite weekends. So this year I have something very special planned. I have 28 windows in the house, and the family would have so much fun, washing them all, inside and out. Just like last year. Many hands make light work. As well, I have a dresser that needs to be stripped and painted, and at least 4 to 5 of us can work on that one. There is yard work too, and the outside of the house can be washed... you know, from all the winter gunk that is on it... and old spider webs and stuff.... I love it when the whole family comes home.
Highlights from last year....first you color the easter eggs, and then what do you do with the leftover egg dye. Well, you dye some wool, don't you.

ok, I am off to get stuff done. Oh, and there isn't a new Grey's Anatomy until April 19th, by the way. I was talking with the producers last week, on their PodCast.... so, I have all evening to get stuff done, and no excuses to sit and watch tv and eat junk tonight.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Purse Club

Purse Club was fun today, and we were only missing 3. Donna G's house is so amazing. It is just so warm, and comfortable. There is absolutely no way to describe it better. And I, myself, feel that is the highest, absolutely highest compliment one can give a home. Thanks Donna. Heather GR won the purse, which leave 3 left to win. Donna G, Ardith and Joy. Heather was hoping to use her money (if she won later in the year) for some trip clothes (her girls weekend in Bar Harbour) but since she won this month, she is thinking about some shoes for Spring...

Cricket, who won last month, presented us with her purchases.... she bought the sweetest little pink Ipod shuffle and a mountain/road bicycle. How fun is that. She was just so sweet when she presented her purchases, thanking us all for the money... she is so cute.

One sad part of the day was that Jill couldn't make it today. Midnight, her long time friend and dog, passed away this morning. Midnight was pretty special in our house. She was Mollie's absolute best friend (next to Jill, of course) Mid was her first grown up friend, and Jill babysat Mollie for 2 weeks when she was just young, which established that connection pretty solidly. Mid has spend many a vacation at our house too, and was part of the family and fit in to the routine without any trouble. Especially 10pm walks and snack time with Grampa.

Midnight was 12 years old I think... oh we will miss her greatly. Our hugs are with you JillyBean.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday morning question for the Blogging Community!

Ok, I received a question from Terry's mom, who babysits two beautiful kids (3 year old twins). The boy half of the pair is having some toilet training issues and Joan's question is (since its been a few years since she has had to toilet train a little boy)
Do little boys stand up to pee at 3 years old, or is it the "in" thing to have them sit and pee?

Now, I have never toilet trained a boy, and the little boys I deal with are beyond that issue. Soo......Chantal, get on the horn (or blog) and ask your friends, Josee.... mom of a boy, you must have an opinion, and I know there are a few other little boys in your family. Jill, you have a nephew and I am sure your friends have little ones... Lets help out Joanie, and give her some advise.

By the way, the sleepless nights still prevail, but I am now owning a cold. I think maybe that was the problem with my week. It is here now, and I can deal with it better, now that I know what is up with my body. Somewhat of a relieve, really.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday... a Good Day All Around

The best part, really, is that is FRIDAY...

Well, interviews are done for our new principal. A few at work seemed to think we would hear something today.. but I don't think we will hear anything until Monday. Its been a long couple of months for all of us at school. But especially Linda M. She has really been a trooper, stepping into the principalship when Heather got the call to come to the board. I think she took on way more than she ever wanted to, and did well to keep things in check. But its time for her to go back to what she loves doing, because its taking a toll on her, and in turn the rest of the staff. Should be interesting when we hear who our new leader will be.

This week has been hectic, and although I LOVE my new morning schedule, I do feel a bit out of touch, but arriving at work right in the middle of mayhem. I am use to starting the day with a few minutes to organize my thoughts before the "crazy" begins. But now, I walk into the job at the height of noise, confusion and Oh Canada. A little unsettling. Its so hard to center myself to get to work after that sort of entrance. Sleep is not happening to me this week. Not sure why, but the whole week has been long "toss and turn" nights, and waking up exhausted. Work Stress, maybe, and I will solve that this weekend. I am planning a marathon work weekend. That will end my stress and better my sleep.

**Terry's Dad, Frank is doing much better than a week ago. He is back to himself, personality wise, and his body is starting to cooperate with the meds and he is feeling so much better, and eating and sleeping too.
**My dad, doing pretty good. He is now managing the stairs a couple of times a day, and feeling pretty good about it.

**Stephanie is enjoying the company of Michelle and Scott this weekend. She keeps us all updated on her goings on, via her blog

**My oldest niece, Grace, ( I have two nieces named Grace, how lucky am I. One is 16 and the other is 5)landed her first job today. How exciting is that. She will be working in THE SHOE COMPANY, Bayers Lake. She will be the gorgeous Chicklet that will shyly but sweetly serve your shoe needs when you go to visit her there. Just tell her Donna sent you and she will treat you extra special.

**Caliegh, her younger sister just got a pair of Pink Converse Shoes from the Shoe Company today.

**Aubrey, my niece from Ottawa got a new little Guinea Pig this week, named Moe. Her first little guy passed about just a month ago, and she had him for over two years. This new little one is just a couple months old.
**Gillian made a beautiful snowman using that snowman kit I bought for her from the Books are Fun guy before Xmas.
We try to take a group Picture every year that the 6 grandgirls get together. Its getting harder and harder to get them all together (now that three of them have jobs). This was the latest this summer, and the girls are Gillian (age 6), Caliegh (age 11), Aubrey (age 11), Grace (age 16), Michelle (age 19) and Stephanie (age 22). Two live in Ottawa, two in Halifax, One in Fredericton, and one in Antigonish/Greenwood.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wedding Song anyone....

For anyone who doesn't know this about my two girls....they are accomplished string instrumentalists. They are sadly out of practice now, but have both played violins, violas & cello for 12 years. One of the things they did in their older years (13-17 years old) was performed at several weddings. They have played for back yard weddings as well as church weddings.... from Bridgetown to Halifax .... and the common wedding song of choice for the procession to the altar is Pacebel Canon in D. This consisted of one girl (usually Danielle Dorais) on Cello, and 5 others on violins... This song is a 9 minute song in its original composition, but the LONGEST walk... at any wedding they performed at was less than 1 minute. Therefore, the girls would re arrange the song to suit the bride and the length of walk.
This is a very long story.... and all I mean to say, is.... Pacebel Canon, is my absolutely most favorite strings song... but not for a wedding song. More because it brings such beautiful memories for me, of my young girls playing violin!!...
Both girls have said to me at different times that they no longer have any nice feelings for this song.... check out this new version of Pacebel, that even they would love.

Some days you just need to crash...

Its been an extremely "action" packed few days for me. But nothing so big that it warrants an explanation. Just busy...
My new morning routine goes like this..... up at the same time as usual, 6ish and hit the shower. Get all ready for the day... you know, hair, makeup..ok, no makeup... hair and well.... thats about it. Then a nice lull in activity where Terry and I veg for 20 minutes on the couch with coffee and toast and mostly stare at one another. I am much more talkative in the morning than Terry and after 20 odd years I have given up talking to him in the morning, because I usually have to repeat myself again sometime through the rest of the day. He is not a morning person. Ok, so that is normal. Heres the new part..... at 6:50.. Mollie begins her tail spin of excitement, because she has already concluded that by my clothing chose of the morning, we are going for a walk. I am not in PJ's or Work clothes. I am the sacred "walking" outfit, and once I make the slightest motion that I am done with coffee and toast, she springs into action bringing my my shoe (any shoe) and the lease and her breakfast cup, a magazine, anything..... anything that will get me up from the chair. And we bundle up to brave the "spring" mornings...brrrrrr. Off we go by 7 and hit the cold roads. I listen to my Harry Potter Book 6, and we try for a 30 to 40 minute walk. Yesterday was a wet cold walk, and on my return, had to re do my hair. Once I get home again, depending on the time, I do a quite "weights" routine, and my normal stretch of yoga and then get dressed for work. It is now 8am and I am ready. Dad is up, and I hear the shower going and that is when I move down stairs and load up Dad's fridge with all his daily stuff, like lunch and teabags, afternoon snacks, etc. By 8:30 he is done his routine, and after some chatting, he is settled for breakfast and coffee and I am off to school by 8:45. How fun is that..... yipee. I am so excited to have a long morning to take care of myself, the dog, and dad, plus make all the lunches (mine and dads, sometimes Terrys) and clean up around the kitchen, and even get a start on Supper. The new later morning start time means that I have to stay at work until 4:00 (officially) which isn't too much of a stretch, but I usually have time to get a head start on supper anyway, so thats cool too.

So, here it is 7:40am, and I haven't walked this morning. Nope, too cold. Not my thing, and I did that two days in a row. So instead, just did a nice long yoga routine, and I had 20 minutes extra, so I thought I would blog.

Happenings....curled last night, and didn't curl well myself, but we won the game just the same. That was kind of fun. No curling tonight, due to a bonspiel. Our black car is going to the vet... no the mechanic... for a check up and diagnoses. Its at the stage now, do we fix it up for safety, or do we replace it with another beater. Today will tell.

Terry's dad, still in hospital, but is now receiving Chemo every two weeks. He just had one this week, and the doctors would like to keep him in hospital until after his next treatment, to make sure he is settling in ok with all the stuff happening to his body. So, at least two more weeks in hospital. When he gets out, and is home, Terry will take a week to spend with him at home, being his flunky, and company for him all day. So, I am thinking probably in three weeks terry will go up and do his part.

My kids... busy with school, and you can read Stephanie's blog to keep up on her activities, because I can't even begin to list her happenings. Michelle and Scott are going to Fredericton this weekend coming to visit the Fredsville group and Scott is hoping to get some shopping done for new clothing. I imagine Michelle will be hopeful to do the same thing. Who doesn't love to shop (except me, of course!).

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday...Back to the grind

First day back to school after March Break. Lots of things to look forward to, but a few things that I am dreading. End of year... for me, that is the financial year. That happens in 12 days. I have a ton of stuff to do in the next school week, and its doubly important this year, as I have a pending "new" principal coming on staff in the next two weeks. I would like to be able to present a clear financial vision for them... something more to overwhelm them. ugh.
On the up side, I am starting a new morning routine, and this morning is the first morning. Sadly, I didn't sleep all night, for no apparent reason. I find when I have something big in the morning, like an early appointment, or a ....change... of any sort, even a pending storm day, I sleep horribly, waking every hour or even half hour. Well, last night was not much different, except that I woke, and couldn't go back to sleep for over an hour. When I finally did, I also woke up every hour after that. I saw the clock strike almost every half hour... 3:30, 4:30, 5:30 and then stayed awake after that. Oh, ramble..ramble... my new morning. Well, I have switch morning start times with Linda Young and I am now starting at 8:30 in the morning. So far, I am very excited about it. To again length my morning at home even more (temporarily) I have asked Alicia to work for me from 8:30 to 9:00 and I will pay her from my bank of overtime. This was approved by our acting Principal and who knows if it will stand when the new Principal comes in to play. But this allows me to be home that extra time to help Dad with his morning routine. He has difficulties with the stairs still, since his knee attack, and therefore will have his breakfast down stairs. I will keep you posted on how all this goes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

oooooohhhh the TOWELS

I am not sure who it was who told me that the towels are the best part..... maybe my sister. I am not sure. But I had my very first facial today at Lola's Touch of Beauty. I was not even close to beautiful when I came out of there, but I sure felt light as a feather.
My first "first" today was an eyebrow waxing. That was not nearly as bad as I thought, and it was over in less than 5 minutes. Then began the facial. I must admit, I was not totally comfortable with this whole process. I felt... well, its hard to describe. I am of the mentality that I serve others. Its my comfort zone. It was totally uncomfortable for me to be pampered this way, and sadly, it took about 40 of the 60 minutes for the guilt to subside. I ran though my head, that this is her job, and she must love doing these facials. I didn't want to feel superior to her. Totally weird and made the first 20 minutes unenjoyable at all. But it got easier.
The setting was beautiful. Warm blankets to snuggle under, dark room, lovely music. The face wash and scrub were nice, like I said but not enjoyable. Then...... the hot towel. The first towel, was a shock. I had no idea what she was doing but when she wrapped it up around my face and pressed it hard into my face........oh, the heat and comfort. Oh my, I can't remember who told me that the towels were amazing, maybe my sister, or was it Chantal. I totally forgot about the towel part... until that moment. Totally lovely. I would go again just for hot towels wrapped around my face. I did find it hard to breath, and had to really concentrate on my breathing, and slipped into my yoga breathing. Then after the towel.... the steam. Hot moist breeze blowing on my face. and all the while... a head massage. My mind slipped into a trance and I was on the beach.... thinking of Debbie and Brian in Cuba, and the warm, almost too warm air, blowing across my face. Oh my, that was nice too. Again, went into the yoga breathing to compensate for the almost too warm air.
THEN......... the black heads... that was horrible. And painful. tried to yoga breath through that event....not happening. Ended up doing the Hail Mary's.... 15 of them. Counted on my fingers which were clenched together over my stomach. I think it helped. But she made it all better, with another towel. I didn't know it was coming so it was totally a thrill again.
then the mask....Seaweed, I think she said. That was nice, but weird cause it dried on my face. But I didn't even think about my face, cause she then began massaging my arms. That was sort of weird until she got to my hands... and besides the towels, that was my absolute favorite part... what an amazing feeling to have your hands massaged... oh so nice. Then she stopped with the hands and moved back to my head. I could hear her moving around and was a bit nervous of what was next.... then I heard it.... she was ringing out the towel again... Well, I began to giggle in anticipation and cracked all my mask.... Oh my, the towel was lovely again.
She finished up with some sort of lovely oil all over my face and neck, shoulders and arms. And then it was over. If I smoked, I would have lit one up right there and then.
I booked another appt for next month, and ordered 4 extra towels... nah, kidding, but I wanted to. I am a little scared of the blackhead part, but darn it, I am going to get the rest of them out before I get there!!!!

Thank you to the staff of Kingston School, actually, cause the facial was a gift from them last year, for Secretaries Day.... just got around to using it!!

12 seconds x 4

That's all it takes. Anyone can do that.... Mammograms. They can save your life. They do save lots of peoples lives.
Did mine!!!!! First one with my new tiny boobs.. I was a bit nervous, but it wasn't that bad, at all. I think I am just a tough chick... really. When it comes to boobs that is......Needles on the other hand.... ewwww.

Ok, if you don't already go to Stephanie's blog, please go today. She is in a knitting dilemma... she worked tirelessly on this funky sock over march break and was amazed at how far the small ball of yarn went, and ended up with a knee sock. But she doesn't like the fit, and is disappointed in the pattern.... so... she needs an opinion of what her next step should be.... unravel, or throw out, or finish second sock. She can't get comments from just anyone, just a setting she has to fix, so if you have an opinion, leave it with me on my blog, and she will get it there.

DON'T forget... get your mammogram if your over 40 or have a history of breast cancer in your family.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The BALD eagle has landed..............

Well, I had just hung up the phone from chatting with Frank and Kelly in Ottawa Hospital, when the phone was flashing a message. Checked to see who was calling and it was a gruff old man's voice saying,..... "when ya get this message... come and get me, I am ready to go home". Well, I wasn't really sure if the Doctor said he could go, but I figured I better go anyway... just in case. When I arrived at the hospital, he was totally dressed, half packed and impatient as usual.
He is home... parked in his regular lazyboy watching his regular "WESTERN" station, and Mollie is on guard with one eye on dad at all times.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I can't believe I haven't updated in a week.....

so much for blogging every day. Ok, Chantal, here goes.

Grampa update.... he is doing fantastic. He is still, yes, still in the hospital, but he will be coming home on Monday. They are playing with his sugars and the meds that fix that, and they are happy with the chances. These things take time, to perfect the balance, but the good news is, they don't think they will put him on insulin and they have changed the pills to "easier on the system" ones. That means his kidney function is back to normal (for those of you who are not up on diabetics...their worst enemy is the kidney failure). So good kidneys is a thing to brag about when your a diabetic. Poor Dad, its all he can brag, since he has had every other ailment associated with Diabetic... blindness, heart trouble, circulation and even a little toe amputation.

So he is keeping busy, harassing the nurses, some I know from School. He banters with John his roommate since the beginning, and teases Johns wife Maxine. He is walking to the bathroom with not much difficulty, and therefore, enjoys the privacy of that luxury. Meals have been good, really, for a diabetic, he gets more than I would give him. He is enjoying the big fluffy white rolls he gets at breakfast, along with the jam.

We have prepared the house for his arrival on Monday. We purchased a small fridge and a small "easy to use" microwave and they are set up in his sitting room. He will not tackle the stairs for the first little while.

I have switch my daily start time to 8:30, and Linda Y will start at 8:00. Then at 8:30, Alicia will work for me for a half an hour, doing announcements, and phones. I will pay her out of my overtime that sits there and doesn't get used. This will give me an extra hour in the morning to make sure dad is up, and safely eating breakfast before I head to work.

KID update..... well, Michelle and Scott left on Tuesday to go back to school. Terry drove them down in a yucky snowstorm, as far as the airport, and Stephanie went along for the drive and was good company for Terry on the way back. I spent Tuesday supper, with dad, and then off to curl. Stephanie stayed just until Wednesday morning and hit the road by bus, right from Kingston, since it was getting too hard to get her to the airport. She is a really trouper and didn't mind the ride at all. She is never bored, and always keeps busy no matter the situation.

Scott has received word that he was hired for next school year to be a "TECH NERD" for the university. I think he is general tech support to the kids with their computers, and answers the HELP line. Great job for him, as he is a natural at these things ( I seem to be surrounded by natural techs) So, the new quest for both Scott and Mick is summer jobs. Both have leads, and with fingers crossed, they will turn out well.

Stephanie has her summer job in place, as long as summer government grants are approved. She also hopes to go to Mexico for another type of archaeological dig or study. She has applied for funding... and that will be what holds her back from going.

March break is here. My plans...some medical appointments on Monday... Tuesday.. a facial and eyebrow shaping (both are firsts for me). Wednesday, a yummy lunch date with anyone who is not busy. Not sure who... but I will keep you posted. Thursday... off to Bridgetown for a pub date with Lynn W, and anyone else who is around that area. Friday... Lunch out again, with any other takers. The rest of the week will be just around the house, finishing up some projects. Debbie and Brian, left today for Cuba. Patty Casey left for Italy yesterday. A few from School are off to Europe, cruises, Florida and other warm destinations. My Sandra and her kids are in Disney right now. Its a perfect time of year for warmth, when your just so sick of the cold. Mollie and I went for a long COLD walk this morning and I wore my Nike pedometer to pump up my mileage on my website challenge with my sister. But until I go for another 3 km walk tonight, before 11pm, she has beat me. But I just couldn't fit is all in this week. But I am going to issue a MARCH BREAK challenge to her... hee hee hee... not sure what it is going to be... but I am sure I will win it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

8"x 8" Curling

Well, I had two visits with dad today, and he finally got his TV. He totally enjoyed watching his curling even though he is watching it on an 8"x8" TV. He has headphones too. So he and his roommate are each watching the games, with their headphones on and hollering to each other about what is going on. Its quite cute, really.

Dad seems more tired today, and yet he didn't get up to walk today. The Doc told him to take his time. So he is. They are playing with all kinds of medication changes, to help ease some of the stress of his kidneys and so I think the changes are tiring him out.
Tomorrow I get to go to the hospital for the morning and play the "watch for the Specialist" visit game. The nurses said that the Dr can be in anywhere between 8am and noon. So I am totally there. John, Dad's roomie, is also waiting for a visit from the same Specialist. Should be interesting. This guy is the one who has made all the changes... and the hospital visit has become more about regulating the meds than the knee, now. That's ok, I guess. Good time to make those changes.
I did my third walk/run tonight and went 4k+. My sister has challenged me to a distance race via the internet. As a little gift, she sent me a Nike+Ipod pedometer and it syncs into your Ipod and also to and you can track your progress. As of today, I have run 10.6 kms and my sister has run 9.3. Of course, tomorrow she has a 4k scheduled so she will surpass me again. She also runs the whole 4k, where I break it up with walks too. But its fun to keep track. And when you finish your run, Lance Armstrong's voice comes through my Ipod and congratulates me on my best run yet! That has happened twice to me this week. So it is good incentive to run a little farther than your last run!!

Michelle and Scott travel back to Antigonish tomorrow evening, via "DADDY" and the bus. Stephanie is staying one more day, although she has left her two cats behind in the care of a "shady" character, she doesn't approve of, and is now worried about them. If she didn't have a dentist appt tomorrow, she would probably make her way back tomorrow. Pretty boring here, really, when Michelle, Scott and Grampa are all gone. Terry and I are at work. So, by Thursday, it will be pretty boring and lonely here with just Terry and I and the pets. Breaks my heart, really. ugh. Who would have thought I would "empty nest" for two kids and a 77 year old man. ugh. Sad existence really. Mollie, will be suicidal my Thursday, when all her best friends are gone. She really misses the 10pm ritual that happens EVERY night- ..-SNACKS with papa

Sunday, March 4, 2007

What a difference a day makes...

Just got back from the hospital and Dad is looking like himself again and totally painfree in his knee. He slept great last night, and so did I.
Dr. Siva says he can go home on Tuesday, once he is up and walking, which will start today. They will take it slow, like up and sitting first, and then up and walking, etc... Yippeeeeeeeee
Gotta go to church... teaching today... and thanking God today, for all the wonderful people who work so hard in the health care system.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Curling, Fondue and Beans

well, a Grampa update. Dad is resting comfortably but not happily at the hospital, with an arthritic knee. Dr Siva saw him today with the good news that it is not an infection... but rather a blah blah blah kind of arthritis that is pretty nasty. She gave him a cortisone shot right in the knee and he is to rest for a few days. The down side is that they are now playing around with his medication, and it is leaving him rather out of sorts. But, hopefully in a couple of days things will stabilize. He is not happy being there, and is confused at some moments and not at others.
Tomorrow, I am going to arrange for a TV so he can at least listen to the curling games, as he won't be able to see the screen as it is pretty tiny. Its so friggin boring in that room. His roommate is a gentleman with some breathing problems so he is pretty noisy (especially when he is asleep) and that is a pain. But I have a feeling now that dad has less pain, and is able to get some rest, he will have a much better sleep. Of course, the better he is feeling, the more annoyed with things he gets.

In celebration of all three kids home, Scott has treated us to a beautiful meal tonight. It is being prepared as we speak. A Beef and Shrimp fondue with his mom's fantastic holandaise sauce. Michelle made a salad, and we will have a chocolate fondue for dessert. Sadly, poor dad had beans and chicken noodle soup for supper, but when I left him, he was resting fairly soundly, ready for his normal after supper snooze.!!

I will pop in and see him early tomorrow morning, and then again at noon. Michelle is anxious to get to see him before she goes.... if I can convince her to go. That is not working so far, but once she visits and sees that he is good, she will feel better. They did get to chat on the phone today.. and that helped. Although he doesn't want visitors at all, I can't hold back the tsunami called Michelle.

Anyway... its getting better each time i visit, so I am looking forward to tomorrow....

Time Stands Still

...when you in a hospital. Poor Dad was in such utter pain with his knee throughout the night, that he had the unfortunate pleasure of having an ambulance ride to Solders Memorial Hospital yesterday morning (7:00am). That was pretty upsetting for everyone. Out patients was a very long and tiring event, and finally at 4:00 in the afternoon, they admitted Dad into a room on medical floor to get some drip antibiotics and to be observed for the night. They think he may have an infection in his knee joint and the doc drained off some of the liquid that was causing all the pain. We will know today if the antibiotics have made a difference by today.
A little something to say about Nurses......oh my GOD, the are working so hard. They are a special breed of people. We met several nurses yesterday and LPNs (not sure what that means) and they were ALL amazing. Every one of them had a truly caring attitude towards my precious dad, like he was there dad too. How can they do that when they have just met him. The Outpatients nurse was Melody Palmer Morse and she was so caring, and really was concerned for Dad and originally, he was to be kept in outpatients on an 24 inch wide stretch bed in a room with 4 other beds that would be busy all night with "emergency" patients. But she was insistent to the Doc that my dad needed to be somewhere where he could rest and have time to heal. Sure enough, and I don't know how, she found him a bed upstairs on the medical floor. Which felt like a hotel when we got there. Dad said the bed felt like was in a double. And he had controls to put it up and down and all that. Oh, and when we got to the room, you should have seen the three nurses who stripped him down and dressed him in a Johnny and did the assessment. They were totally sweet but yet tough enough to stand up to his sharp comments (all in fun) and they gave it right back to him. I felt pretty good leaving him in there caring hands...

In amongst a long boring, yet interesting day at the hospital, I was in contact with home because Stephanie was travelling across the Maritimes on a bus heading home for March Break. She started her trip at 11 am and arrived home last night through the storm at 10:30pm. From Fredericton... ugh.. Poor Kid. But she is home, and as tired as I was, we stayed up and chatted til midnight, getting caught up on things... Michelle kept busy text messaging Stephanie on the bus (cheaper than phone calls on a cell) and when I got home, I was taught how to text message for when I am in the hospital today. Should be interesting. Dad is pretty insistent that he is coming home today... but I have other thoughts... we shall see.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Grey's ... where are you?

Chantal and I were talking today about Blogs and how fun they really are. I told her I could blog every day cause I have so many things to say.... but.... I figure it would drive everyone crazy and then no one would visit my blog... but then, that's OK too. So, Chantal, lets try and blog every day. (After report cards)

Grey's.... repeat. I had a long chat with my two friends (Shawnda and Betsy) who are the executive producers of the show. They talked to me for 27 minutes about the last show. (OK, it was the Podcast on Grey's) Great insight into the show, let me tell ya. They are hilarious... anyway, they let me know that the next episode is not airing until March 15th. This, I assume, is to help the teachers tonight finish up those last few report cards. Anyway, they talked about Meridith and her relationship with her mom, and Meridith was saved by Derek but she needed to save herself. She had to go through this "Wizard of Oz" journey to realize that everything she wanted she already had. They talked about the love affair between Christine and Meridith as true friends. They talked about Denny and his love for Izzy and how this affected Meridith. They talked about wanting to do a show just about all the dead people from the show. And they made lists of them all to see how many and they said there were too many to bring back. But when they made the list they narrowed it down to the 4 most important dead people. Anyway, it was a great listen. I listened at the gym while beginning my first workout with my new "hi Tech' Nike+Ipod Pedometer.
My sister has challenged me for the next 10 days. She, who runs 5 km, three times a week. Ugh. But tonight, I ran 1 km, to calibrate my new pedometer, and the 3.5 km on the treadmill (with a few walking minutes in between). Its all calibrated on my iPod and when I plug it into my iTunes on the computer, it sends all my information to this website, and also to my "challenge" acct, that my sister can see. She is watching me..... ugh. so, to make the run more interesting, I downloaded the latest "Grey's PodCast" and you know the rest of the story.
Family News- for those interested
*Stephanie comes home tomorrow via bus. It was going to be via ferry on Saturday but the weather sounds just too bad for crossing the Bay of Fundy. So, she will spend a long tiring Friday on the bus. But as she said, it gives her an extra day home while Michelle and Scott are home.
*Michelle and Scott will leave on Sunday, to go back to St. FX. Michelle actually has a "staff" meeting on Sunday night at 9:00pm. Imagine. That is university living. I would be off to bed shortly past nine o'clock at night, and they hold most of their meetings at that time.
* Terry's Dad (see blog on Jan 31st) has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, just a week or so ago. He is currently in the hospital and just received his first chemo treatment. He is sort of unstable as far as health right at the moment, with various things. Last week, fluid on his lung, and some leg swelling. This week he had a very rough weekend, and was admitted to stabilize just a few little things like "levels" of things. So, tonight he is resting in a private room, and has a virus which they are combating as well. This is so new to us, and Kelly, Terry's baby sister is our link to him. She has been keeping both our family and Kim (other sister) up to date on all the happenings and I know that isn't very easy for her.
*Stranger still, my dad has been hit with something rather suddenly today and has escalated into quite a painful thing. His knee has locked up, and is quite painful, and he is curled up in bed, unusually early, with chills and is quite sore. I had to help him out of his chair and into his room. I will be sleeping on the couch down stairs tonight (to his dismay) because I have a feeling that he is not going to have a good night.

Knock Knock.... Who's there..... TANK....... TANK Who? ......oh, your welcome.