Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday... a Good Day All Around

The best part, really, is that is FRIDAY...

Well, interviews are done for our new principal. A few at work seemed to think we would hear something today.. but I don't think we will hear anything until Monday. Its been a long couple of months for all of us at school. But especially Linda M. She has really been a trooper, stepping into the principalship when Heather got the call to come to the board. I think she took on way more than she ever wanted to, and did well to keep things in check. But its time for her to go back to what she loves doing, because its taking a toll on her, and in turn the rest of the staff. Should be interesting when we hear who our new leader will be.

This week has been hectic, and although I LOVE my new morning schedule, I do feel a bit out of touch, but arriving at work right in the middle of mayhem. I am use to starting the day with a few minutes to organize my thoughts before the "crazy" begins. But now, I walk into the job at the height of noise, confusion and Oh Canada. A little unsettling. Its so hard to center myself to get to work after that sort of entrance. Sleep is not happening to me this week. Not sure why, but the whole week has been long "toss and turn" nights, and waking up exhausted. Work Stress, maybe, and I will solve that this weekend. I am planning a marathon work weekend. That will end my stress and better my sleep.

**Terry's Dad, Frank is doing much better than a week ago. He is back to himself, personality wise, and his body is starting to cooperate with the meds and he is feeling so much better, and eating and sleeping too.
**My dad, doing pretty good. He is now managing the stairs a couple of times a day, and feeling pretty good about it.

**Stephanie is enjoying the company of Michelle and Scott this weekend. She keeps us all updated on her goings on, via her blog

**My oldest niece, Grace, ( I have two nieces named Grace, how lucky am I. One is 16 and the other is 5)landed her first job today. How exciting is that. She will be working in THE SHOE COMPANY, Bayers Lake. She will be the gorgeous Chicklet that will shyly but sweetly serve your shoe needs when you go to visit her there. Just tell her Donna sent you and she will treat you extra special.

**Caliegh, her younger sister just got a pair of Pink Converse Shoes from the Shoe Company today.

**Aubrey, my niece from Ottawa got a new little Guinea Pig this week, named Moe. Her first little guy passed about just a month ago, and she had him for over two years. This new little one is just a couple months old.
**Gillian made a beautiful snowman using that snowman kit I bought for her from the Books are Fun guy before Xmas.
We try to take a group Picture every year that the 6 grandgirls get together. Its getting harder and harder to get them all together (now that three of them have jobs). This was the latest this summer, and the girls are Gillian (age 6), Caliegh (age 11), Aubrey (age 11), Grace (age 16), Michelle (age 19) and Stephanie (age 22). Two live in Ottawa, two in Halifax, One in Fredericton, and one in Antigonish/Greenwood.

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cpm said...

I know my morning will be better next week knowing that I won't have to hear "Capt BoB" over the P.A. lol! so hopefully yours will be too. Sleep is SO SO important (as I've found out this week!) Love all the pics. I bought that same snowman kit and love it! SO much fun! The grand-girls are all so beautiful...must be good genes!
Izzy is pissing me off too...I used to love her but now not so much. McSteamy is getting HOTTER every episode! LOVE HIM! If the no-face-lady and the intern get together...hmmm not sure if I'll like that story line. The acting is incredible though!