Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some days you just need to crash...

Its been an extremely "action" packed few days for me. But nothing so big that it warrants an explanation. Just busy...
My new morning routine goes like this..... up at the same time as usual, 6ish and hit the shower. Get all ready for the day... you know, hair, makeup..ok, no makeup... hair and well.... thats about it. Then a nice lull in activity where Terry and I veg for 20 minutes on the couch with coffee and toast and mostly stare at one another. I am much more talkative in the morning than Terry and after 20 odd years I have given up talking to him in the morning, because I usually have to repeat myself again sometime through the rest of the day. He is not a morning person. Ok, so that is normal. Heres the new part..... at 6:50.. Mollie begins her tail spin of excitement, because she has already concluded that by my clothing chose of the morning, we are going for a walk. I am not in PJ's or Work clothes. I am the sacred "walking" outfit, and once I make the slightest motion that I am done with coffee and toast, she springs into action bringing my my shoe (any shoe) and the lease and her breakfast cup, a magazine, anything..... anything that will get me up from the chair. And we bundle up to brave the "spring" mornings...brrrrrr. Off we go by 7 and hit the cold roads. I listen to my Harry Potter Book 6, and we try for a 30 to 40 minute walk. Yesterday was a wet cold walk, and on my return, had to re do my hair. Once I get home again, depending on the time, I do a quite "weights" routine, and my normal stretch of yoga and then get dressed for work. It is now 8am and I am ready. Dad is up, and I hear the shower going and that is when I move down stairs and load up Dad's fridge with all his daily stuff, like lunch and teabags, afternoon snacks, etc. By 8:30 he is done his routine, and after some chatting, he is settled for breakfast and coffee and I am off to school by 8:45. How fun is that..... yipee. I am so excited to have a long morning to take care of myself, the dog, and dad, plus make all the lunches (mine and dads, sometimes Terrys) and clean up around the kitchen, and even get a start on Supper. The new later morning start time means that I have to stay at work until 4:00 (officially) which isn't too much of a stretch, but I usually have time to get a head start on supper anyway, so thats cool too.

So, here it is 7:40am, and I haven't walked this morning. Nope, too cold. Not my thing, and I did that two days in a row. So instead, just did a nice long yoga routine, and I had 20 minutes extra, so I thought I would blog.

Happenings....curled last night, and didn't curl well myself, but we won the game just the same. That was kind of fun. No curling tonight, due to a bonspiel. Our black car is going to the vet... no the mechanic... for a check up and diagnoses. Its at the stage now, do we fix it up for safety, or do we replace it with another beater. Today will tell.

Terry's dad, still in hospital, but is now receiving Chemo every two weeks. He just had one this week, and the doctors would like to keep him in hospital until after his next treatment, to make sure he is settling in ok with all the stuff happening to his body. So, at least two more weeks in hospital. When he gets out, and is home, Terry will take a week to spend with him at home, being his flunky, and company for him all day. So, I am thinking probably in three weeks terry will go up and do his part.

My kids... busy with school, and you can read Stephanie's blog to keep up on her activities, because I can't even begin to list her happenings. Michelle and Scott are going to Fredericton this weekend coming to visit the Fredsville group and Scott is hoping to get some shopping done for new clothing. I imagine Michelle will be hopeful to do the same thing. Who doesn't love to shop (except me, of course!).

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cpm said...

Great update! I'm happy you are enjoying your new morning routine. I have to admit that on Tuesday morning I walked in to say hi and to my dismay "no Donna". I was in desperate need of my Donna fix (having gone without for 11 days) but was pleasantly surprised when I heard your voice on the announcements a short time later. I had totally forgot about the new work arrangments. Anyway glad Dad is back home and doing well. I will keep Terry's Dad in my prayers.