Tuesday, March 13, 2007

oooooohhhh the TOWELS

I am not sure who it was who told me that the towels are the best part..... maybe my sister. I am not sure. But I had my very first facial today at Lola's Touch of Beauty. I was not even close to beautiful when I came out of there, but I sure felt light as a feather.
My first "first" today was an eyebrow waxing. That was not nearly as bad as I thought, and it was over in less than 5 minutes. Then began the facial. I must admit, I was not totally comfortable with this whole process. I felt... well, its hard to describe. I am of the mentality that I serve others. Its my comfort zone. It was totally uncomfortable for me to be pampered this way, and sadly, it took about 40 of the 60 minutes for the guilt to subside. I ran though my head, that this is her job, and she must love doing these facials. I didn't want to feel superior to her. Totally weird and made the first 20 minutes unenjoyable at all. But it got easier.
The setting was beautiful. Warm blankets to snuggle under, dark room, lovely music. The face wash and scrub were nice, like I said but not enjoyable. Then...... the hot towel. The first towel, was a shock. I had no idea what she was doing but when she wrapped it up around my face and pressed it hard into my face........oh, the heat and comfort. Oh my, I can't remember who told me that the towels were amazing, maybe my sister, or was it Chantal. I totally forgot about the towel part... until that moment. Totally lovely. I would go again just for hot towels wrapped around my face. I did find it hard to breath, and had to really concentrate on my breathing, and slipped into my yoga breathing. Then after the towel.... the steam. Hot moist breeze blowing on my face. and all the while... a head massage. My mind slipped into a trance and I was on the beach.... thinking of Debbie and Brian in Cuba, and the warm, almost too warm air, blowing across my face. Oh my, that was nice too. Again, went into the yoga breathing to compensate for the almost too warm air.
THEN......... the black heads... that was horrible. And painful. tried to yoga breath through that event....not happening. Ended up doing the Hail Mary's.... 15 of them. Counted on my fingers which were clenched together over my stomach. I think it helped. But she made it all better, with another towel. I didn't know it was coming so it was totally a thrill again.
then the mask....Seaweed, I think she said. That was nice, but weird cause it dried on my face. But I didn't even think about my face, cause she then began massaging my arms. That was sort of weird until she got to my hands... and besides the towels, that was my absolute favorite part... what an amazing feeling to have your hands massaged... oh so nice. Then she stopped with the hands and moved back to my head. I could hear her moving around and was a bit nervous of what was next.... then I heard it.... she was ringing out the towel again... Well, I began to giggle in anticipation and cracked all my mask.... Oh my, the towel was lovely again.
She finished up with some sort of lovely oil all over my face and neck, shoulders and arms. And then it was over. If I smoked, I would have lit one up right there and then.
I booked another appt for next month, and ordered 4 extra towels... nah, kidding, but I wanted to. I am a little scared of the blackhead part, but darn it, I am going to get the rest of them out before I get there!!!!

Thank you to the staff of Kingston School, actually, cause the facial was a gift from them last year, for Secretaries Day.... just got around to using it!!

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cpm said...

OHHH you described it all perfectly!!! I'm going to book one as soon as I get home! Aren't the hot towels amazing!!! I actually like the extraction part unlike most normal people...you can just feel the "dirty-ness" coming out of your pores!!! SO glad you liked it! You of all people deserve lots of pampering!!! You always take such good care of all of us!