Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Glad Gardens

In looking back at my blogs from last year, I realized how often I blogged about my plants, gardens and yard wildlife. I am trying hard not to bore people with that stuff this year, but some things are blog worthy.
As you are all aware of, Michelle is getting married this summer to Scottie the Hottie. We will have lots of family here over that week and my back yard will be used quite a bit (hopefully, weather permitting). I usually have a blast with planting stuff in my back yard and I love doing up fun pots full of flowers. My usual color choices are pinks, purples and whites but with Michelle's wedding colors being bright and hot colors, I thought it would be fun to do all my pots in the same hot and bright colors.
My favorite greenhouse for plants is a family run establishment just outside of Berwick called Glad Gardens. I have gone there for about 3 years (since my other favorite closed). The own Laura and her daughter are so friendly, knowledgeable and creative and I always get so much help when I visit them. Last fall, I went out and spent an evening with Laura, looking through flower books and talking about pots, sun needs and veggies that are bright colors. She helped me make a shopping list of what plants I would need in the spring and she also made sure she ordered and started some of the seeds that she doesn't usually carry. I spent all winter looking forward to weeding, gardening, sweeping the little helicopters off the pavement and walking though my yard at 6:30 in them morning dead heading little flowers. The weekend before planting weekend, I dragged out all my pots stored away and cleaned them and filled them with soil and this cool stuff called ZEBA which is this stuff that is made to go in your soil and it retains the water for longer and helps plants not dry out so fast. Its made of the same stuff found in baby's diapers that absorbs so well, except its made from cornstarch and it not harmful to the environment. Very cool stuff. Finally, on a rainy saturday morning I drove off to Berwick and picked up all my plants that I had chosen a month earlier and Laura tucked away in the back greenhouse for me. All the plants totally filled my back and front seats. I had to go back a week later because I forgot to buy my brown eye'd susans for climbing the side of the deck. Some fun~!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

In with the new

Terry finished the fence in less then 6 days, working after work and the weekend. We had such a great weekend last weekend, weather wise, and not even very buggie. Terry had come up with all kinds of designs of what we could do right at the fire pit area to sort of make it a little more private. He had some pretty elaborate design ideas but in the end, he went with a simple "taller & wider" version of the rest of the fence panels. We wanted to do something different to give that area a bit of privacy (as much as you can get in such a "back yard to back yard" environment. We wanted something that would keep down the noise from us sitting around the fire at night too.

When Terry first built it, the little boy who lives behind us was swinging on the swingset behind it and he said to Terry, I think I can still hit my ball over that fence too. You might have to make it bigger all the way across! I chuckled because we end up with his toys over on our side several times a week, and his sister comes over and retrieves them. I hope his mom doesn't think thats why we raised up the fence right there!