Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

A Digital Picture frame filled with pics of the family
Our Christmas morning was NOT typical of a Peters Christmas Morning.  We have a clean house... we had 1 small bag of wrapping paper garbage... no need to stop and clear the floor of paper and tags.. to start opening again.  No sleepless night waiting for the kids to wake up.... no putting the chocolates up high so the dog(s) won't get them.... no line up of phone calls while trying to put the turkey in the oven... fridge is not stuffed beyond capacity .....

Our Christmas morning was filled with skyping, texting and emailing pictures.  At many points in the morning, I had MacBook and iPhone on my lap.. terry on the iPad...   Terry and I... in matching plaid Pajamas... sat on the couch and chatted around the world for well over an hour before we enjoyed coffee, scones and opening gifts.  It was quiet and slow... peaceful....  time to appreciate each other opening our gifts.
Intricate hand knit Socks 
More amazing Socks
Terry and I agreed not to buy for each other this year.. and just exchanged stockings... and one small gift each. That was so great...  because we need (or want) nothing.  Our gifts under the tree were from the hearts of each of our family members and so fun to open in the quiet.  Origami paper, pumpkin carving tools, extremely difficult mind puzzles, pizza stones and gardening, cooking and travel books.

Our family found each other apart because Stephanie and Sean are in Korea and were home in the summer...   Michelle, Scott and Jack are in Fredericton and unfortunately, we have to share them with Scott's parents.   The last two years I have been blessed and spoiled to have my house full of kids... so it was my turn to not have them.

Therefore.. today we do all those things we never get to do on Christmas Day and enjoy them.  Sit quietly and blog... Terry is napping... cats are spread all over the house.  All the opened gifts are neatly tucked under our pretty Xmas Tree.    We had a wonderful walk through the woods near our house.  Something we never seem to make time for anymore, especially at this time of the year.    We found several beaver dams (to Terry's amazement and excitement).  Many beautiful ice sculptures made by nature... animal foot prints and many signs of wildlife that I would never have notices if it was for Terry's tracking abilities.   I left the woods figuring we should have had a big stick with us!  geeesh. 

 A wonderful Christmas in its own special way.