Monday, February 26, 2007

Blogs are funny

I actually spend some time this weekend reading other peoples blogs. I thought it was so funny to see on my friends blogs, a list of blogs that they read and some of them, they don't even know these people. I actually thought..."that's weird". But... this weekend, I came up with a fantastic idea for an Xmas gift for Terry for next year. I thought I would like to get him some tickets to a taping of the "Rick Mercer Report". I searched the website and saw that all his tapings are sold out for this season, which is ok, since I want them for next season. So, for fun, I "Googled" Rick Mercer tickets.
Well, I got a couple of hits with no luck, but then I came up with this girls blog. She went to the taping and I read all about her experience. In was in 2006. Then I read a couple more of her blogs, and then I got hooked on reading her stuff and her comments. I found her blog from this month and spent an hour reading her happenings.. what a hoot. She is hilarious and "real". anyway, I think I will pop in on her blog from time to time to see how things are going with her.

Michelle and Scott are home from St. FX for the week and it is fun to have them home. Michelle is knitting up a storm, and relaxing so far. She had a disappointing appt with the Dentist today... and that was the subject of much ranting at supper. I miss her little rants... she certainly can tell it like it is.. Scott walked the streets of Greenwood, drumming up some prospects of summer jobs. Michelle will do that tomorrow, I think.

Lent... going well. Its a tough time of the year most of the time... because the weather usually sucks (except today of course) school is usually nuts...year end finances, report cards.. staffing talk.. But, its particularly tough this year, as we found out last week that our principal is leaving and moving onto a new job at the board level. It's a great job for her, and the right decision, but for us, its one of the toughest times of the year to lose a great leader and such a fun person to be around. It makes each day a little tougher, when you are worried about the outcome of a new principal. ugh... thank GOD for Lent. Because, its a positive focus for me. It is giving me some inner peace.

Please visit Chantals' blog... please, and if you do, please leave her a comment. She is now enjoying the fact that she has a counter (to watch how many come to visit her blog) but is totally freaked that no one is leaving her a comment.... she want to hear from you people. Gotta love her... truly... gotta love Chantal. And Thanks Chantal for including us in your "Chinese New Year" today... my fortune cookie said something lovely about love and friendship but I lost the fortune to some sweet and sour sauce and couldn't read it after a bit.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quilts of Love

As I have mentioned in previous sister, Gail, has 5 grandchildren. Jessica, her oldest granddaughter will be 8 in early March. This year, Gail has made quilts for each of them so far. The triplets turned 5 just 3 weeks ago and she made them each a quilt for their beds. Jessica's, she just finished.

Jessica, picked out the colors and the pattern, and Gail picked away at it since the beginning of February. To the right, you will see it all put together and ready for the quilting part. Gail chose the machine quilting method because this quilt is for an 8 year old.

Below you will see the quilting all done. It is just amazing. Gail and Jessica have decided that they will enter Jessica's Secret Garden in the quilt show which is in May this year. Jessica will invite all her family and friends to the show to see it. She hasn't even seen it herself yet, but she can just imagine what it will look like. I love the fact that Gail has included Jessica in all the decision making of the quilt and I think it will be so special for Jess to see the outcome of all their planning together.

Emily, the last grandchild to get a quilt, will be turning 6 in July, so they have some planning to do, once Jessica's birthday is over. Emily is madly in love with kittens and pink, and this may cause a few little problems with planning for a quilt. Gail has stated to these two older granddaughters, that they will get another quilt in 5 years, so this one will have to last them for the next 5 years. Because of this, Jessica chose a more "grown up" color and pattern for hers, but that logic is lost on Emily who can't seem to think beyond PINK and KITTY... I will keep you posted.

The Triplets also had input into their quilts, and I will send along pictures of those when I get the pics from my sister. Should be tomorrow. I believe one of them had teapots on it... can't remember the other two.

My sister is an amazing sewer, and has lavished those kids with beautiful Christmas Concert outfits, and Halloween type outfits, party dresses, and magic capes so far this year. Beside a church quilt (a quilt top she makes and donates to her church, for the ladies to quilt and raffle off). I would love to put some pics on of the outfits and costumes... with permission from Gail. (maybe in my next blog!)

Grey's chat....

I hate shows that have "dream" scenes, and flash backs etc... but it was ok with Grey's Anatomy this week. It was an interesting show, and I wonder if you really do see other people when you go. I hope so, cause there are a couple of people I would like to catch up with on the other side. McDreamy was such a great actor in that episode, very believeable, along with Christine.. I am glad Meridith survived. Would have been a very down show if she had kicked off...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NOOOOO.... I haven't updated yet

But I will.... tomorrow night. But for those of you who care to know... Today is ASH WEDNESDAY. Lent... is here... its time to reflect on yourself and make some improvements...

That's my day... talk tomorrow

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Storm Days.. gotta love em... really!!!

Ok, this is my second storm day. Although, by "contract" I am suppose to go into school on storm days... and, most days I do.... it doesn't mean I have to work while I am there! A storm day is a great sort of day to get lots of things done, because of the peace and quiet, and very few interruptions. BUT... there are just some days you don't feel like getting stuff done. Soo.... yesterdays' storm day "Got Done List"... Chatted with... Linda McA, Jilly Bean MacD, Shelley and Melissa the cleaners, a couple of parents... and of course Linda Young... who got a lovely little surprise from her hubby on Valentines day Morning. You guys will have to ask her yourself if you wanna know what she got for Valentines from her sweetie!! Oh, and while your asking, inquire as to what she gave to her hunny for the Valentines occasion! Sweet couple of love birds, they are!!
Ok, back to may snow day list.... so then... I went to Superstore with our big list of groceries needed for the staff breakfast for Thursday Morning!! ugh, big mistake, because I then had to answer to every parent I met as to why school was cancelled. ugh... In the words of Chantal McAlpine (whom hasn't updated her blog yet) I did the "WALK OF SHAME" though the grocery store aisles, averting my eyes when I recognized a parent.
Then back to the school... and did some payroll work with Linda Young and Linda Naugler... didn't feel like it, but it has to get done. People just don't have a sense of humor about their paychecks!! THEN.... Linda Y and I spent the rest of the afternoon, making breakfast for the staff... We made a gigantic bowl of fruit salad... yum... grapes, pineapple, strawberries, melons... oh...yum... Then we made Xmas Morning Wife Saver casseroles. They have to sit over night before you bake them. We set up the staff room, and got everything ready for a yummy breakfast with our fantastic staff.
Of I went home to make brownies and a yummy supper for the two valentines in my life, my hubby and my dad. Curling was cancelled so I spent an hour with Curtis Stone, (thanks Kelly) my hunky Australian chef friend, that has a show from 6 to 7pm on TLC. I try and spend at least an hour a week with him, but I could spend an hour a day with him if I had the chance. That was a nice treat since curling was cancelled.

TODAY.... I woke up at 5:30 and jumped in the shower that was for some reason very cold, and it never warmed up. I jumped out and blew my hair dry and then hopped back into bed to wait for the news at 6:00 but more importantly.. the 6:05 announcement about school cancellations... I would have had to get to school by 6:30 to turn on the ovens and have the Wife savers in the oven by 6:50 to have them all ready to eat... so I couldn't wait until the cancellation announcement to have a shower, just in case.... SO.... school was cancelled all across the province and I stayed snuggled in bed for another hour. But, once your up, the cats and the dog feel cheated or something, and they begin to perform. My cats were of the same mind as Stephanie's cats, and I quote from her "The cats held a gladiator show in celebration." The added mix at my house is when the cats start performing, the dog thinks its an audience participation show. She then needs to boom her big bark and big body across my room, down the hall and into the midst of two cats who then run down the hall, into the bedrooms, followed by Mollie who thinks she has a hope in hell of catching them. After the third round of this... they won. I got up and fed everyone. I made a pot of coffee and then snuggled down under the duvet and around Terry the furnace.. who has soundly slept though the alarm, the hair blowing, the cat vs dog show, and my very cold legs. I just start drifting off.... and the phone rings at 7:05am and its Terry's mom, with a computer problem. Ummm.... should I tell her he's sleeping or should I wake him up... (oh, he slept through the phone ringing too). Ahhhh.... I will wake him up!!! hee hee... Poor Joan, though, her computer is brand new, and they had a power outage last night in the city, and her windows program is fried!! Terry may have to do a home visit.
So... at 9:00 I made my dad's breakfast as a treat for him and then off to work to make breakfast for the staff. I baked all the Wife Savers and washed all the forks and spoons for breakfast, and can't find any knifes. Linda McAloney came in just on time to dry spoons and forks and we made one batch of tea biscuits for fun. yum, they were excellent. The Wife Savers are off in the fridge now ready to be heated up for breakfast tomorrow morning, and we will make the tea biscuits tomorrow morning. We had a nice visit with Erin Postle and Gerald Banks and then we all went home at noon..
This afternoon is mine... all mine and I am going to nap and make some treats for the weekend. I am off to Claire tomorrow, right after school to curling for the weekend. Debbie Walker, Wendy, Hazel and moi. Should be interesting with the weather the way it is... but a weekend away.. just the same.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Further to an earlier blog..

ok, if you couldn't zoom in.

The Cake... is really... a cardboard box, wrapped in brown paper, with tulle for layering... the top is a naked woman and a little pig on a scooter.... but from a far... it looks like a wedding cake. Those Boudreau girls... crafty little ladies.

Also, enjoy a close up of my mom... showing my dad who is boss.. and he got the message loud and clear...

How much fun. My dad was leaving in 3 days for Korea and my Grandmother Boudreau prayed non-stop for him not to go....

Alas... the power of prayer prevailed. He didn't go...
Apparently, in 1953, when the Canadians were dragged into the Korean war, they were only taking single men. Dad was recruited as a single man, but in the heat of romance, he proposed to his lovely girlfriend, not knowing these rules. After the wedding, he was put into quarantine for 3 days, before going on ship. Which was routine back then. While in internment, it was rumored he married a "hot" french girl, and when he admitted proudly that he did, he was delivered the bad news. He never forgave my Grandmother.. as he was totally excited, like any young man would be, about going to "war". Both he and my mom were mentally prepared for the separation, and the extra money this would bring in. Imagine..

My Mom and Dad....

would have been married 53 years today. Please enjoy the following picture. This is my mom and dad's little wedding reception. They were married in a hurry because of the Korea War, and my dad was getting shipped out. My parents didn't have much money but they had my mom's family who were all around. They were married in a big church in Quebec City and one of my mom's sisters had a boyfriend at the time who was a Photographer. Therefore, I have some amazing pictures of their wedding. This one is one of my favorites. Look closely....

My Dad is pretending to drink a big bottle of liquor (as my mom used to call any alcoholic drink) and mom has a nice BIG knife at his throat....

That is just so funny and my mom and dad always used to horse around like this. Here's another funny thing.... have a good look at the wedding cake. Can you see what it is made of.... and what is on the top! Zoom in if you can... and enjoy the old fashion pop bottles too.

When you have 4 days to plan a do what you can

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week...

Wanna know why. I get the most stuff done.. or I get nothing done. Saturday's are just those kind of days. And either result is good with me, as long as its a Saturday.
So this Saturday... started at 1:00am this morning. The phone rings! Now, that is a heart stopping event all in its self. Anyone who is a parent out there... well, I don't even have to explain what runs through your mind when the phone rings at 1:00 in the morning. I raced out of bed and ran to the phone in the kitchen... ignoring the one in the bedroom...ok, its the middle of the night to me. Nova Alarms... whew... the alarm was sounding at the school in the cafeteria. I am third on the list of important people to call so number one and # 2 on the list, were not home and slept through the call. damn! So..... off I trot in my bed hair and dirty clothes off the bedroom floor. 1:15am... I am sitting in -11 weather, in the parking lot of the school, my lights shining on the cafeteria windows............1:20am... still shining my lights, waiting for the burglars who are suppose to be in there eating all that healthy food of Libbys and Lindas' (cause I am sure they don't know where Linda hid the chocolate chip cookies). ........1:24pm....feels like forever but the RCMP show up and off we trot into the school. I disarm the alarm and let the brave police enter the crime scene. The door to the eating part of the cafeteria was unlocked!!!!! That is not normal.. But that was the only crime this evening. Nothing... No wet footprints from the snow outside, nothing moved, nothing tampered with...not even a paper snowflake on the floor. Well, that's what I figured happened to set off the motion detector. But, nothing. The RCMP wander around a bit, and then we head into the office to call the alarm company and we chat about the possibility of mice.... yes, mice... and they take all my information....including my birthday. (How sweet, eh?) Our office betta fish are very excited that I have come all the way into the school in the middle of the night to see them, and therefore I couldn't disappoint them.... they were treated to a yummy sprinkle of fish food and some honest to goodness "baby talk"... you know... "hi my little fishies... how are you... my brave little men"
A quick good bye to my brave police of the night, and off I drove home at 2:10am....wondering where the other two people were that are ahead of me on the alarm list!!

The rest of my Saturday was less exciting but very productive. Let me share.... since January the PURGE bug had invaded my body and I began throwing out, or stashing all the junk, useless knick knacks, the unused kitchen appliances, etc from my house. I chose the bedroom downstairs that has become Scott's room to store it all in until I could sort and decide what to do. That has been my Saturday routine for the past 5 Saturdays... Pick a room... Purge. Laundry room (that has a twelve foot shelving unit that is perfect for stashing useless stuff for the past 5 years), then my craft room, then dad's closet where I had 18 boxes of my mom's treasures packed in boxes by me about 6 years ago, then the Xmas decorations, the linen closets, and finally, the rec room that Michelle turned into a poster/sign filled and junkily decorated room. In this picture, as you can see, its a cute one of Mick, but what I want you to see is the walls and ledges. That is what the rec room looked like until this afternoon. I wish I had taken a picture of it, with no less than 25 boxes piled all over the room, the bed full of knick knacks,Xmas decorations, breadmaker, bread box, etc...
After an entire Saturday afternoon of cleaning and organizing, its all gone... all of it. I have saved all the posters and the bottle collection... but it is now a bedroom. With a TV, a computer table for someone to work at, a nice chair to sit in and of course all the vintage movies and "Atari" equipment you could ever want. Boxes are boxes, labeled and stored away for spring to give to anyone who is having a yard sale... Room is dusted, vacuumed, and washed... yippee....
A yummy stuffed roast pork for supper, a curling game on TV, laundry done...almost...and a blog.
Stayed tuned for pictures of the new room (Scott's room) once the bed is made and grampa's scooter is gone from the room.
So.... that is Saturday. Just a really fun day... don't ya think.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Don't believe them when they tell you its easy!!

Scrapbooking. Its hard. Its hard to be creative. I can't even steal other peoples ideas easily. I just don't visualize... ugh.

I am a GREAT aunt of 5. My sister has 5 grandchildren. 3 of which are 5 year old triplets. Born Feb 5 (yesterday), 2002. They start school this September. When they were born, actually, before they were born....over 5 years ago... I offered to scrapbook their first year. Can you imagine how fun that would be.... and it was. ........At first.

But then I got busy... had my first daughter graduating from high school and took on a grad book project for her.... then summer, then September in a school... then Xmas... and so on and so on... second daughter graduates... another big project, then a heritage book for my sister... then a good bye gift for an old friend... oh, the projects kept popping up and bumping back the little miracle babies. Until..... the fun album became an "albatross". Worse.... it became an embarrassment (that I hadn't got it finished) and created....SCRAPPER's BLOCK.

With the help of Jill MacD, I got a nice portion of the book "half" done... you know, the basics planned out, and cropped and stacked. That was at least 2 years ago. Now, thanks to Debbie I am getting a bit done every week. But its lost its fun... for heaven's sake... the kids are 5... oh.... How to turn scrapbooking fun into scrapbooking
stress. This is the 5 grandchildren this past summer. All

have a corn on the cob picnic at the cottage. Can you believe it... Who wouldn't want to scrap them.
So here I sit. Trying to scrap. Two days in a row. So what am I doing... Blogging. ugh.
I am finished the hardest and most important part of the book, actually. That is a relieve. I am finished the first 10 pages with all the important stuff.... the pregnancy... the arrival.. the ultra sounds.. the baby showers... the room.... the grandparents... the first pictures... when they are minutes old and just 2lbs each...

Also, I have about 10 pages done when they are home and healthy... fat and funny.

So.... now I am starting the middle stuff... the 2 months in hospital... getting strong and changing their looks every picture that is taken. I have scanned their little knitting hats and have printed them and they are sweet. They are the exact size of the real hats... they are cute out and ready to use. I have about 30 pictures of the babies in the incubators. Some sleeping.. some peeking out of blankets...some of them bright and colorful and others are bundles of arms, legs, wires and blankets. I sort of have them sorted... by date.... and by baby. But I think I may not sort by baby because I can't be sure who is who....

Like this amazing picture of two of the babies in one bed. Mitchell was lonesome. Imagine, he just couldn't settle. So they put the littlest one in with him, Little Grace. It settled him down alright.. but they couldn't share the bed for long because Grace, although she was the smallest, she was the most active, and therefore created havoc on the wires and monitors that kept them both healthy. How sweet!!!

So... thats what is going on here. I am trying to be creative... for several reasons. I want to get it finished before the kids graduate from high school and also because its such a fun topic.... and they are so sweet.
ok... I have procrastinated enough... time to scrap.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Grey's Update

Well, finally a show that wasn't deep, dark and teary. Yeah for George and Cally but you could have knocked me over with that announcement!! Poor ole Meridith, her mom is nasty. I thought the end was so cute, when Christine and Burke have the little power battle over ring vs surgery!!! and then the yipee hug... so cute, so uncharacteristic of those two.

Not much to blog about this week, really. Busy week, work as usual. Dentist, Dads Doctors appt, my doc appt, and then work, work work.. The school is bitter cold this week and that is the highlight of the week (except the pending full moon). Evenings were a little more exciting. Monday was first scrapping night since Xmas with Debbie. We are trying to start our Monday ritual of scrapping, since we both have projects hanging over our heads... Tuesday and Wednesday.... curling. Lost both nights, which really means I win a drink. Met an interesting woman on Tuesday night, who had taken a 6 month assignment here in Greenwood from Quebec as a nurse. She and her hubby are thinking of retiring here in the Valley, and so she has decided to spend 6 months here checking out the place. Her name is Marie-Helene, and I curled against her, as she was sparing for our opponents. I like her. She seems to have common sense, and sort of down to earth. She has kids our age, boys and girls, in university and High School. Lots in common. I hope she decides to stay around here.

Tonight... Grey's Anatomy.. popcorn and chocolate. But before that, normal housework, lunches, and snoozing on the couch. Tomorrow night... supper out with the Walkers, at the restaurant in Berwick.. Kellocks. (not sure on spelling)

Purse club this weekend, and a few sewing projects, and I have to plan my next page or two for scrapping.

That's it. Nothing exciting or creative like Jill's blogs, nothing intelligent and interesting like Stephanies. Just me...
I can share a cute picture of Mollie. She got a green stuffed thing for Xmas, and played with it til she was so tired she passed out. Of course, she was protecting her toy from Sampson, our temporary dog, whom we kept care of for Xmas.