Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quilts of Love

As I have mentioned in previous sister, Gail, has 5 grandchildren. Jessica, her oldest granddaughter will be 8 in early March. This year, Gail has made quilts for each of them so far. The triplets turned 5 just 3 weeks ago and she made them each a quilt for their beds. Jessica's, she just finished.

Jessica, picked out the colors and the pattern, and Gail picked away at it since the beginning of February. To the right, you will see it all put together and ready for the quilting part. Gail chose the machine quilting method because this quilt is for an 8 year old.

Below you will see the quilting all done. It is just amazing. Gail and Jessica have decided that they will enter Jessica's Secret Garden in the quilt show which is in May this year. Jessica will invite all her family and friends to the show to see it. She hasn't even seen it herself yet, but she can just imagine what it will look like. I love the fact that Gail has included Jessica in all the decision making of the quilt and I think it will be so special for Jess to see the outcome of all their planning together.

Emily, the last grandchild to get a quilt, will be turning 6 in July, so they have some planning to do, once Jessica's birthday is over. Emily is madly in love with kittens and pink, and this may cause a few little problems with planning for a quilt. Gail has stated to these two older granddaughters, that they will get another quilt in 5 years, so this one will have to last them for the next 5 years. Because of this, Jessica chose a more "grown up" color and pattern for hers, but that logic is lost on Emily who can't seem to think beyond PINK and KITTY... I will keep you posted.

The Triplets also had input into their quilts, and I will send along pictures of those when I get the pics from my sister. Should be tomorrow. I believe one of them had teapots on it... can't remember the other two.

My sister is an amazing sewer, and has lavished those kids with beautiful Christmas Concert outfits, and Halloween type outfits, party dresses, and magic capes so far this year. Beside a church quilt (a quilt top she makes and donates to her church, for the ladies to quilt and raffle off). I would love to put some pics on of the outfits and costumes... with permission from Gail. (maybe in my next blog!)

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