Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturdays are my favorite day of the week...

Wanna know why. I get the most stuff done.. or I get nothing done. Saturday's are just those kind of days. And either result is good with me, as long as its a Saturday.
So this Saturday... started at 1:00am this morning. The phone rings! Now, that is a heart stopping event all in its self. Anyone who is a parent out there... well, I don't even have to explain what runs through your mind when the phone rings at 1:00 in the morning. I raced out of bed and ran to the phone in the kitchen... ignoring the one in the bedroom...ok, its the middle of the night to me. Nova Alarms... whew... the alarm was sounding at the school in the cafeteria. I am third on the list of important people to call so number one and # 2 on the list, were not home and slept through the call. damn! So..... off I trot in my bed hair and dirty clothes off the bedroom floor. 1:15am... I am sitting in -11 weather, in the parking lot of the school, my lights shining on the cafeteria windows............1:20am... still shining my lights, waiting for the burglars who are suppose to be in there eating all that healthy food of Libbys and Lindas' (cause I am sure they don't know where Linda hid the chocolate chip cookies). ........1:24pm....feels like forever but the RCMP show up and off we trot into the school. I disarm the alarm and let the brave police enter the crime scene. The door to the eating part of the cafeteria was unlocked!!!!! That is not normal.. But that was the only crime this evening. Nothing... No wet footprints from the snow outside, nothing moved, nothing tampered with...not even a paper snowflake on the floor. Well, that's what I figured happened to set off the motion detector. But, nothing. The RCMP wander around a bit, and then we head into the office to call the alarm company and we chat about the possibility of mice.... yes, mice... and they take all my information....including my birthday. (How sweet, eh?) Our office betta fish are very excited that I have come all the way into the school in the middle of the night to see them, and therefore I couldn't disappoint them.... they were treated to a yummy sprinkle of fish food and some honest to goodness "baby talk"... you know... "hi my little fishies... how are you... my brave little men"
A quick good bye to my brave police of the night, and off I drove home at 2:10am....wondering where the other two people were that are ahead of me on the alarm list!!

The rest of my Saturday was less exciting but very productive. Let me share.... since January the PURGE bug had invaded my body and I began throwing out, or stashing all the junk, useless knick knacks, the unused kitchen appliances, etc from my house. I chose the bedroom downstairs that has become Scott's room to store it all in until I could sort and decide what to do. That has been my Saturday routine for the past 5 Saturdays... Pick a room... Purge. Laundry room (that has a twelve foot shelving unit that is perfect for stashing useless stuff for the past 5 years), then my craft room, then dad's closet where I had 18 boxes of my mom's treasures packed in boxes by me about 6 years ago, then the Xmas decorations, the linen closets, and finally, the rec room that Michelle turned into a poster/sign filled and junkily decorated room. In this picture, as you can see, its a cute one of Mick, but what I want you to see is the walls and ledges. That is what the rec room looked like until this afternoon. I wish I had taken a picture of it, with no less than 25 boxes piled all over the room, the bed full of knick knacks,Xmas decorations, breadmaker, bread box, etc...
After an entire Saturday afternoon of cleaning and organizing, its all gone... all of it. I have saved all the posters and the bottle collection... but it is now a bedroom. With a TV, a computer table for someone to work at, a nice chair to sit in and of course all the vintage movies and "Atari" equipment you could ever want. Boxes are boxes, labeled and stored away for spring to give to anyone who is having a yard sale... Room is dusted, vacuumed, and washed... yippee....
A yummy stuffed roast pork for supper, a curling game on TV, laundry done...almost...and a blog.
Stayed tuned for pictures of the new room (Scott's room) once the bed is made and grampa's scooter is gone from the room.
So.... that is Saturday. Just a really fun day... don't ya think.

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