Thursday, February 1, 2007

Grey's Update

Well, finally a show that wasn't deep, dark and teary. Yeah for George and Cally but you could have knocked me over with that announcement!! Poor ole Meridith, her mom is nasty. I thought the end was so cute, when Christine and Burke have the little power battle over ring vs surgery!!! and then the yipee hug... so cute, so uncharacteristic of those two.

Not much to blog about this week, really. Busy week, work as usual. Dentist, Dads Doctors appt, my doc appt, and then work, work work.. The school is bitter cold this week and that is the highlight of the week (except the pending full moon). Evenings were a little more exciting. Monday was first scrapping night since Xmas with Debbie. We are trying to start our Monday ritual of scrapping, since we both have projects hanging over our heads... Tuesday and Wednesday.... curling. Lost both nights, which really means I win a drink. Met an interesting woman on Tuesday night, who had taken a 6 month assignment here in Greenwood from Quebec as a nurse. She and her hubby are thinking of retiring here in the Valley, and so she has decided to spend 6 months here checking out the place. Her name is Marie-Helene, and I curled against her, as she was sparing for our opponents. I like her. She seems to have common sense, and sort of down to earth. She has kids our age, boys and girls, in university and High School. Lots in common. I hope she decides to stay around here.

Tonight... Grey's Anatomy.. popcorn and chocolate. But before that, normal housework, lunches, and snoozing on the couch. Tomorrow night... supper out with the Walkers, at the restaurant in Berwick.. Kellocks. (not sure on spelling)

Purse club this weekend, and a few sewing projects, and I have to plan my next page or two for scrapping.

That's it. Nothing exciting or creative like Jill's blogs, nothing intelligent and interesting like Stephanies. Just me...
I can share a cute picture of Mollie. She got a green stuffed thing for Xmas, and played with it til she was so tired she passed out. Of course, she was protecting her toy from Sampson, our temporary dog, whom we kept care of for Xmas.

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Happy Stamper said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is a nice way to meet people. I read about the King of Donair and wondered if you have read 'The Kite Runner'. It is about Afghanistan and one of the story lines is a wealthy man who must work hard in another country to survive. We just do not know, do we? I will stop in again!
Take Care,
Jill's friend
Happy Stamper