Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hurrrrrrry.... HARD.... Every little bit!!!

Its that time of the year, again.  The annual Greenwood Ladies Closing.  I curl two nights a week and I have travelled to two bonspiels this year but for some reason I feel like I have curled three times more than I really did.  I love my team, and I love my club but I am sick of curling. 
That being said, I had a great weekend curling.  We curled one game Friday and one on Saturday.. but anyone who know anything about bonspiels knows that once you get into "C" division (by losing too many games) you begin the slippery slope of many games in a row!!!

The above picture is of our Friday Night game which started at 9:00pm (a time that I am usually in bed watching TV on a Friday night) and with all those rocks in the house... sadly we only scored 1 pin.. Let me assure you... we swept EVERY one of those bloody rocks!
The highlight of the weekend is always the Saturday night banquet and Dance.  The theme this year of our bonspiel was Las Vegas and the 24 teams who were in attendance were very inventive on their costume choices! 
Hazel, Jill, Donna, Debbie and Wendy - The Blue Women
CSI - Greenwood Style

A Shot Gun Wedding Group from Chester

Security - Greenwood Style (and they were very thorough)

"The Royal Flush" from Halifax
The "Gals" from New Glasgow...

The Big Deck - Greenwood

Ceasar Anyone... Greenwood Style

The Cigarette Girls (and Eric)

Fancy Deck from Greenwood... Check out the Headdresses

Can you guess.... 

Yarmouth... "dealers"

Halifax 4 of a kind...

Clare "Players"

Sonny and Cher - Berwick

New Team to our Spiel.. didn't even know about the costumes and went out and made some!

Gambling babes!
50/50 Winner (Thats me) $200 will work nicely in buy my new pair of Curling Shoes!

Late Saturday night trying to get all the blue off... ugh...