Thursday, May 31, 2007

Raspberries, anyone?

Tonight, Terry and I dug up about 3 dozen raspberry plants to bring to my sisters. Gail and Mert have a cottage on Grand Lake, NB. Over the past 4 years, the lake has been claiming a good size portion of their property each year after the "flooding. The lawn is being pulled away, and the beach is getting bigger. To solve this little dilemma, they had a retaining wall built on the beach, and about 20 feet of their property was reclaimed. To celebrate this victory over nature, we thought it was a good time to spruce up the flora and fauna around the cottage.

This is a side view of my sister's cottage. Please note the small cottage that Mert and his buddies built for his 5 grandchildren. Can you see the late off in the background.

Well have a look at this next picture and you will see what I mean by the floods. Grant it, this was the worst flood in 20 years...but still shocking to see. There is quite a slope to the land, so the main cottage was never in danger, but the Guest cottage had a few "leakage issues".
Our plan is to put in some flower beds with lots of perennials that I have dug up from my garden. I also helped by dear friends Bob and Kay Amos with a little raspberry "thinning" and I do have a line on a good size chunk of periwinkle. The problem is that the top soil that Gail is expecting may not arrive on time for the big planting, and that will be tough. But we have already cancelled this trip due to wet weather, so we are going anyway tomorrow, and do what we can.

A few of the cottage pics......Imagine how lucky my sister is to have 5 grandchildren, all within 2 hours of her house, and they are all within 4 years of each other. This is a picnic at the cottage last summer. And a beautiful summer sunset.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

throw out your people.....

I am living in a house with 6 people. Ok, Really. 5 live here but I hold the 6th person's junk. Every room and every flat surface in each of those rooms is piled high with junk. We are all collectors of crap. Be it sentimental crap, or too lazy to decide what to do with it crap. My fantasy house is more like a art gallery style environment. Nice walls, with tasteful artwork on them, a few chairs to sit and admire the artwork, and quiet chat with others.. Nothing else.

On that note..... my darling daughter introduced me to a "blog" called Unclutterer. I read it often, and it is full of ideas for uncluttering your space. Recently, the owners of the blog have started a new website called Paperclippy. It is a cool website with tons of neat products for working women. Please book mark this and enjoy. I love it. If you recommend it to your friends, you could win a iPod shuffle. So do that toooooo.
On my "day off" on Monday, I had the pleasure of a yummy lunch in the new "green" room at Wheatons Restaurant. It is a room added on, recently, painted a yummy color of moss green. When we first sat down, Paula pointed out two pieces of artwork on the wall, and how lovely they looked together and how nice they went with the green walls. Thats why I love Paula, because I just don't notice those things. Anyway, as I looked at them, I began to see them on my dining room wall. I currently have a large framed picture featuring apples. Out dated in my new living room/dining room. I have looked for the last year or so, for new artwork, but nothing really caught my eye. But these tranquil scenery's, featuring a Tuscany sort of backyard setting were fast becoming a "have ta have" item. I admired them all through lunch and cake..and when we left the restaurant, I went immediately to the clerk and asked about them.. She said that the frames that were brought in for the restaurant are typically not for sale, but why didn't I go into the store part and ask there. Slightly discouraged, but not totally, I waited around for Paula while she leisurely browsed. The clerk, surprisingly, called over to the store and had a clerk come to where I was (gotta love Wheatons'....really, really) and the clerk named Susan came. She also said they don't usual sell the frames in the restaurant but she would look to see if I could order them. Off she dashed, and now the sweat began to collect on my brow.... how much were the pair of these pictures going to set me back. In my mind, I figured $200 a piece and I would have to "creatively" come up with funds. When she bounced back down with the news that they could be ordered, I was thrilled and terrified at the same time. Impulse shopping at its best. But, we have all done it, right. We have all walked away from something that we totally loved... to later, freak out, rush back to buy, and its gone. Poor Paula is still looking for my green chair from Home Sense that was perfect, and still is perfect, except its gone.!!!!!! Anyway, I softly asked "how much"...... $79 each. WHAT.... Sold... I asked to order them. Then........ she added.... would you like these, and I will order them in for the restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here they are in my dining room.

This is the before picture. This picture was the same thing, about 15 years ago. I saw it, watched it, for months at the old gift shop in the mall. Then, all of a sudden, one day...gone!!!!

I was so upset, that I went in and ordered it right away. I have since learned that sometimes you just shouldn't wait!!! Like Lynn and her damn red purse. Except, she had a nice Xmas surprise, with that damn red purse. I am still waiting for my Green chair from Home Sense to show up!!!!

Terry, my handyman, hung them up tonight, and I love them. I can't wait to eat breakfast in my Tuscany dining room!!

It was difficult to take a picture of the pictures, but below you will get a sort of idea what they look like. And really, if you want to see them in person, I am taking appts for personal viewings. "Tea is extra".

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Planes, cars, buses

Last week was uneventful. Boring, yet frantically busy. Friday night, Terry, Mick & Scott headed into the airport to pick up the Mexican traveler. She got in quite late and had to go through customs too, so they didn't really get home here until 1 am..... Meanwhile, I had some cooking to do, as I was serving at the African Violet Society Tea and Sale on Saturday, and had my share of cooking to do for the tea. OK, yes I know, I quit the group... but I can't quit completely. They need me to work the kitchen for the tea, because most of them are quite elderly, and the kitchen is a pretty busy place. So.... my job for the past 16 years is to make the asparagus rolls and the tea biscuits topped with ham. I bring the coffee, tea & napkins; and I make the tea and coffee, all the sweet and sandwich plates up, and the dishes. My two kitchen helpers are Irene Neily, and Bernice Mahar. Irene is 80 and is just recovering from breaking her leg in January, and Bernice just celebrated her 80th last year. check out the whole group of ladies on this website
AVAVS and meet all my dear friends. There seems to be lots of members, but they only show up for a few meetings.

Stephanie.... very tanned and a smattering of nasty burns. A suitcase full of trinkets for all the family, and several bottles of tequila. Even one with a scorpion in it for Scott. eww... a real one, quite dead. We feasted on Chili and Lime potatoes chips and hot peanuts (spicy hot) and a few other yummies she brought home. She entertained and frazzled me with stories of cockroaches in her backpack... and the Mexican Military stopping and search her, all her classmates, and all the luggage, while brandishing machine guns. She is glad to be home, and will be posting to her blog very soon, (right Stephanie). She starts work on Friday with NBCC (Craft Council).

Yesterday, I took a day off of work. I spent the day with my dear friend Paula Gale, and we made our day's mission to browse through a few greenhouses. We started our day at Denhanns and spent an hour looking at the hibiscus plants (which I am totally in love with) and so many plants for the gardens. Most of my yard is shady, and Paula's as well, so it was fun to be looking for the same sort of plants. I bought a Pink Asiam Lily for Linda Young, who is the proud grandma of Little Miss Lilly Young, born on Friday May 25th, at the IWK. Linda mentioned that she will need to put in a "lily Garden" so I was excited to be the first to give her a lily. And of course, it had to be Pink...
Our second mission of the day was to find a mysterious Greenhouse called "Brooklyn Farms". We had both heard fantastic things about it, but didn't know the first thing about finding it. After two different set of directions, a phone call to Diane Sampson (who gave me even worse directions), then a stop at a corner store for directions (useless as well), we ended up at Wheatons for lunch. Oh well. After a "half" sandwich and a bowl of chicken noodle soup (that had now less than 3/4 cup of peas in it) we had a yummy coconut cream cake and tea. Then on our way out the door, we asked for directions once more, and sort of got ok directions... off we went again, and after 20 more minutes of driving around the countryside we found it. It is less than 7 minutes from Wheatons!!!!! BUT What a place. Its amazing. There are 4 greenhouses and the plants are top notch and the prices are very low. I can't wait to go back. We spent an hour ther and then off to Glads in Cambridge for our final stop. What a great day. And I got quite a few nice plants but really, just a drop in the bucket for what I need. I hope to hit Brooklyn Farms before the weekend again.

Tonight, Terry and I decided to plant the back 40 acres of farmland. We planted cucumbers, snow peas, green beans, tomatoes and a few flowers from my adventure yesterday. The yield we expect at our harvest is in the ball park of 40 bushels... so be sure to stop by the farm market that we will set up at the end of our driveway. We will be putting all profits make towards our children education. the darker mounds in the back of the field are our cucumber hills. (Nanny always taught us to plant them in "hills") Then the rows are our acreage of snow peas, with the first quarter of the field planted with green beans.
The pets were quite helpful and encouraging as we tilled, plowed, fertilized, re-tilled and planted. They were as exhausted as we were, and therefore needed to take several breaks while watching us work.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Heather Harris

Well, what a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Heather Harris turns 50 today, and I had the honor of attending her family birthday party. It was so nice to finally met all her daughters and daughter in laws, because I have heard so much about them and all the grand kids. What a wonderful family Heather has, and she is extremely lucky to be surrounded by all of them.
On arriving at Heathers' place, we were welcomed by an ingenious "Birthday" sign and tribute.

A clothes line of shopping bags... how perfect. What a hoot. Lynn and Becky came up with that idea.
Richard BBQ'd a feast for their entire family (all 5 kids, their spouses, and all the grandchildren, plus Heathers mom and dad, and several family friends.) After a yummy supper, there was cake and gifts. Two of Heathers beautiful granddaughters were great assistants in the "gift opening" department.

It just couldn't be a 50th, really, without a little more humor. I just couldn't let this occasion go by without a tribute to Heather and her obsession (in my mind, anyway) with lipstick. I was never so shocked as when Heather opened her purse one day and showed me her collection of lipsticks she had that day with her. She informed me that she had at least 3 times that amount still at home.

What would be better than a Ammuntion belt, to carry all her lipsticks with her everywhere. So, with the help of several friends and their old used lipsticks, I created a black sparkly belt filled with lots of lipsticks and wrapped in elegantly in a rose box and beautiful bow. to the right is the tag that hangs off the belt... complete with Rambo's ammo belt (with tastefully colored lipsticks in his/hers as well.

Not knowing many people there at the party, I took strength from Lynn W. that this would be ok. ugh. Anyway, she loved it and thats all that counts.

Thanks to everyone who brought in lipsticks and to Lynn for ....well, lots.
I hope you enjoy your belt Heather, and don't even try to patent it, because I have it patented. Shannon has put in an order of 10 for her dept alone!!!

Happy Birthday Heather, and I miss you. Its just not the same at work. I think of you every day when I put my lipstick on (in the car on the way to work) xxx oo

Shonda and Betsie gave away no Secrets

Ok, first off Grey's Anatomy. It was a great show, with cliff hangers... mostly sad ones.
Christine and Burke. I knew they wouldn't get married. That I was sure of. But I thought for sure it was Christine that was backing out...not Burke. Totally turned things around in that relationship and in my mind. I was mad at Christine all season for giving in, giving up her character, that we all loved about her. Feisty, independent... She just became more and more meek, to make McCranky happy (my cutie name for Burke). Of course, I have never liked Burke because of it, and his arrogance, snobbery and of course, his mother. Now..... I am still mad at Christine.... she was willing to give it all up, even her eyebrows. But Burke, he did a good thing. He saw was he was doing to my Christine, and ended it. He set her free.... kind of heroish. Poor Christine. But it had to happen really. I know, Kelly, they are just characters on tv.
Meridith.... oh my. She has had quite the season, and it looks like its over between her and McDreamy. She is a mess, and I tend to not have patience for people like her. But, its a good lesson too, that when you meet someone who is messed up, and you listen to a podcast about them, you learn more about why they are the way they are.... Too bad other messed up people don't have podcasts published about them. I know, Kelly, they are just characters on TV.
Who is the chick in the locker room. The new Miss Lexie Grey (Meridith's younger half sister)..... she is vinegar in the pot, I think.
Poor Issy and George. It was a surprise to me that he failed his test. That was clever on the part of my good friends, Betsie and Shaunda. A segway to saying good bye to George. Or, do you think he will be back as a first year again. New, younger interns, and George gets to be big man, at the same time, as Callie, his wife, is his BOSSSSSSSS. Intriguing. Issy, can she take any more. Callie is a Chief Resident...and hoping to get pregnant. fights.
Wedding...nice dresses, don't ya think. Brown? bridesmaid dresses, quite nice. And the style suited each of the girls. and the Wedding Dress was perfect in my mind for Christine. Burke's vows.... how sweet was his reciting of the vows. Totally out of character for my McCranky, and the contrast between his perfectly memorized vows and Christine's vows which are washed off of her hand. Ingenious. I know, Kelly, tv characters.... year...more maybe there. Who knows, I have mixed feelings about that event, and not sure what I want to happen. I love that when Alex tries to hit on Addison, she blows him off, and points out about AVA. So, I was glad he went back to the hospital. Cliff Hanger.... for next year.

That's it, Greys done for another season. I think I will try and catch the reruns over the summer. Its always fun to watch the previous shows, once you know how it is all gonna end.
I know, Kelly..... but really, you should watch them too. You will love the show. Its really fun. Good characters...even though they aren't real.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pre - GREYS' Anatomy chat

OK, its tonight. I had a long chat with Shonda and Betsie (The producers). They talked alot about last weeks episode.
Adele and Richard.... in the bathroom, Adele on the floor, bleeding. Richard, falling apart, not his usual calm, cool, Chief. Adele is pregnant with another man's baby. Will Richard find out, of course he will. Cliff Hanger #1
Hikers...... This group of friends, hikers, all together, worried, paniced about the friend that was left behind. A strong group of friends, struggling with their moral decision to leave their friend, dead, in a frozen world. Of course, cliff hanger #2, at the very end, did they leave him there after a fall, or did one of them try to do him in!!!! Oh, and the frost bite.... yucky to look at but VERY COOL effects.
Burke chosing Derek to be his best man..... those two have come along way, sort of full circle. Remember the first year, they weren't even talking to each other, then the surgery of Burkes arm, the fishing weekend away, then the race for Chief. So, I guess there are now friends.
The wedding..... its coming. You can see all the friends are starting to really bond together, after almost a whole season of them separating really. The testing, and everyone rallying around for Meridith, while she writes the test on her own. Poor Meridith, just never catches a break. Like, losing two moms this year, and her father, in her life, then out of her life, and being such a jerk too. Poor Meridith doesn't deal with things, and the producers feel that she has been doing this all her life and it makes Meridith who she is now. She is now pushing Derek away... cause she doesn't have the ability to do anything else. She pushs people away when she can't deal with things and then brings them back into her life when she wants them back. She has never been allowed to be vulnerable her whole life (remember mommy dearest), and this show has shown a vulnerable side of her that we don't ever see. She just never cuts a break, and she has gone through a lot, but she is now learning how to process things. Christine and Meridith are not the type of girls to fail things, and this is a biggie for Meridith. Then the Chief comes in to her and says I am giving you another chance, her first reaction is to be mad. She doesn't want to be taken care of, she doesn't want to acknowledge that she has failed. She is so mean to him. The Chief would have been Meridiths father figure if things had not gone wrong in Meridith's mom's life. If she hadn't got sick, Richard would have stepped in and become Meridith's father, and the fact that she said "Just because you slept with my Mother, doesn't make you my father". MEAN.... but Richard, in true fashion of "fatherly" love, lets her rant, lets her tantrum. That's what a father does. I am going to love you no matter what.....he is really her father in his heart.
Izzy..... is trying to find a way to keep George at Seattle Greys.. She loves him, and tells him that their sex meant nothing.... She walks away, in the closet and falls apart. Oh breaks your heart. She has scarifices herself to keep him there. Not really her character, but she had a big moral code. She and George are in love but they both have pretty big moral issues, and are upset about what they have done. NIce to see in this day and age.
Christine.... trying to do the vows..... Izzy says it all, everything she is feeling and its beautiful, right there in the kitchen, in front of Callie, and Meridith jumps in to try and saves the ball, and trys to identify that this is all about Dennie. Will it happen. its coming. She was nuts really to get married the day after "TEST" day. She doesn't seem to be very exciting about this wedding. She seems like she is going to her funeral!!
Addison, has just figured out that she can't have babies...and now there seems to be babies everywhere. She is in the field of babies, but she just noticed that she has to deal with babies...
Addison, even ... Joe (bartender) and Walter. How cute. Joe will make a great dad, cause he is a bartender. they take good care of everyone, so he will be a great dad of TWINS. Even if he doesn't think he will, and even though he isn't really big on the idea of babies, let alone TWINS. How cute.
AVA..... she has been hiding the fact that she knows her past now. Really, from Alex, her closest friend. We have all felt like Alex is the only person she has. She hids the knowledge, and then when he finds out, he says to her "I don't know who you are". She had huge expectations of when she got her memory back, but what she wasn't counting on was the fact that when she did get them back, they were not good ones. They were horrible, like I am married to a axe murderer or something. But they were mundane. A woman in a BAD marriage. Thats what she was running away from. She has now created a new life for herself, with Alex and all the people from Greys. She doesn't want to know or acknowledge that she is really REBECCA POPE who was a woman lives with a guy who makes furniture in a not so great marriage. She was hoping without the memory, she would be someone incredible, and give that to the baby. Now she is plain Rebecca Pope. tough for both of them.

A few more things... but I have run out of time. Bailey... finds out that Callie is running for Chief. Cliff Hanger? not sure..... Bailey now feels that Callie is her ONLY competition. Bailey has always know that she will be the chief. But Callie.... can be too. Derek...the girl in the bar... what is with that. I am worried. She is too sparkly...flirty. I don't think she is gone... I think she will be back

Have fun tonight...10 pm. Grey's yipee (I have to go to work now.... no spell check sorry)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Its been a while....hasn't it

10K.... an inspiration to me.....

My sisters two daughters...her youngest Patience (in red), and her oldest (step-daughter) Carrie (in the ball hat) both ran in a 10km Marathon today. Patience ran solid for the 10 k, and Carrie ran 10 minutes and walked 1 minute. They finished within a minute of each other. And you have to know, this is the first time, either one of them has done anything so challenging. They ran for 1 hour and 6 (7) minutes. I am amazed, very proud of them, and somewhat inspired. 1.5 years ago, I ran the 5K Run for the Cure and it was amazing. Now I would like to do that again. I ran it alone but would love to have a team to run with this year. Its in October.....anyone interested..

Stephanie update

She is in a little city in the hills in Chiapas called San Cristobal de las Casas. Yesterday she was in Villahermosa. She has been in 4 states in 2 days and has been on a bus for 16 hours in those two days. They will stay where they are for 2 days now. And then off to somewhere else, before heading back to Merida on Friday. She seems to be having a lot of fun and learning lots of spanish. We are able to MSN with each other almost every day. The hotels they are staying in have computers in the lobby or there are internet cafe's close by. So that is cool.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


young couple in love, with a pair of rubber gloves and a bathroom....

You get Scott dying Michelle's hair, getting ready for Michelle's first day at work tomorrow. And, he is pretty good at it. Its not his first time. I have several pictures of him putting highlights in her hair, and then Michelle finishing the bottle by highlighting Scotts hair.

This just struck me funny today for some reason.
As you can see, they are back from their northern experience. it was great hearing about all the different things up there, and I was treated to a beautiful piece of Labradorite, in the form of a "lazy Susan" for the table.

I was on the computer chatting with my sister this evening about the great quilt show today and guess who popped on MSN. Stephanie, who was sitting poolside, enjoying the sun. They have a really old computer on the patio of thehotel and Stephanie was going to answer my email, and then noticed that there was MSN on the computer so she thought she would pop on to see who was around. And luckily for me, I was there. She had a busy day at some site with a hugely long name, and she can't get access to a computer that she can blog at until Monday, so I guess I can stop checking for her blog. She went to a baseball game last night, and said the baseball game was the least interesting thing there. The food was insane... her words exactly. You can tell she is my kid,.... she certainly loves her food.

My sister's oldest granddaughter Jessica (who is 8 I think), is spending the weekend with her gramma. Jessica has her very own quilt, and they decided it was so wonderful that they would enter in the Local Quilt show. Jess had a great day and was really hoping that all the people who came in would vote for her quilt to win best in show. Jess is above in the picture and her quilt is the blue and white one.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Grey's ....times 2

Ok, so do you think they are warming up a "spin off" to Grey's Anatomy or what. The two hour was really two shows, one hour long. And of course, slightly confusing to some. I watched the whole two hours with dad, and every scene change I had to explain which hospital we were in. For the first hour, Dad would say... who the hell is that!! But after awhile, he started to tell me, so I knew he was getting it.
I hate spin off shows. They just try so hard to be as good as the original show. Its painful to watch sometimes. Now this "Oceanview Wellness Center" is full of dysfunctional docs and others in a way more obvious way than Grey's. Like I said, they are trying too hard to be good. Its almost as corny as a show like SCRUBS. Unbelievable in some ways. Of course, Grey's is sort of getting that way too. Trying too hard.
In my walk this morning with the producer and writer, Shandra and Betsie (Ok, while I listened to their Podcast), they talked about the new comers but didn't give any indication if they were coming back to the show, or spinning to a new show. Guess they can't say anything until contracts are signed or what ever.. They talked about how hard it was to have a brand new cast to try and teach "medical" talk to, and they had forgotten how hard it really was for actors to do surgery, talk medical blah blah and act. Gave them a totally renewed appreciation for the cast they have now. Getting back to Grey's though, they talked a lot about the symbolize that was being put in place... Meridith heading back to the "comfortable" zone of "Don't talk to me" with Derek, and heading to drink with her friends. The fact that Christine should have been there with them at the end, drinking too, but instead with McCranky, talking about "are you happy" well "are you happy" and both giving guarded and somewhat fake "yes".. Um....
Next week is called "Testing 1..2..3". They said the title has to do with the fact that they are writing the big test.... and the 1.2.3 has some meaning but they can't tell me.... but its "deep".
BTW, you can listen to the Podcast on your computer or download it to your Mp3 thing, by just asking Jill McD how to do it. Cause I don't know. It just does it for me. Amazing eh. I set it up last year, that when ever I plug in my iPod to ITunes, it automatically goes to the Grey's site and downloads the most recent one. Therefore, I haven't a clue how to tell you to do it. But I am sure Jill knows. She may type it in my comments, if she is a good girl.
The girls (Shandra and Betsie) also talked about a new show airing next week after Grey's called the "Traveler" and they love it. They watched the pilot and they loved it so I am curious now. Oh, BTW again, next week is the second last show of Grey's for this season.

Here's a question.....ok two questions..... What do you think the new show will be called. Oceanview Wellness Clinic?; Addisons' Anatomy?
Question two.... why would Stephanie and another girl have supper with three Spanish men who are complete strangers... and they bought the girls suppers..... oh my GOD..... have I taught her nothing!!!!! allllllll.... Pigs......