Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Heather Harris

Well, what a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Heather Harris turns 50 today, and I had the honor of attending her family birthday party. It was so nice to finally met all her daughters and daughter in laws, because I have heard so much about them and all the grand kids. What a wonderful family Heather has, and she is extremely lucky to be surrounded by all of them.
On arriving at Heathers' place, we were welcomed by an ingenious "Birthday" sign and tribute.

A clothes line of shopping bags... how perfect. What a hoot. Lynn and Becky came up with that idea.
Richard BBQ'd a feast for their entire family (all 5 kids, their spouses, and all the grandchildren, plus Heathers mom and dad, and several family friends.) After a yummy supper, there was cake and gifts. Two of Heathers beautiful granddaughters were great assistants in the "gift opening" department.

It just couldn't be a 50th, really, without a little more humor. I just couldn't let this occasion go by without a tribute to Heather and her obsession (in my mind, anyway) with lipstick. I was never so shocked as when Heather opened her purse one day and showed me her collection of lipsticks she had that day with her. She informed me that she had at least 3 times that amount still at home.

What would be better than a Ammuntion belt, to carry all her lipsticks with her everywhere. So, with the help of several friends and their old used lipsticks, I created a black sparkly belt filled with lots of lipsticks and wrapped in elegantly in a rose box and beautiful bow. to the right is the tag that hangs off the belt... complete with Rambo's ammo belt (with tastefully colored lipsticks in his/hers as well.

Not knowing many people there at the party, I took strength from Lynn W. that this would be ok. ugh. Anyway, she loved it and thats all that counts.

Thanks to everyone who brought in lipsticks and to Lynn for ....well, lots.
I hope you enjoy your belt Heather, and don't even try to patent it, because I have it patented. Shannon has put in an order of 10 for her dept alone!!!

Happy Birthday Heather, and I miss you. Its just not the same at work. I think of you every day when I put my lipstick on (in the car on the way to work) xxx oo


cpm said...

THanks for figuring out our little problem! You are the best!
I loved seeing the pics from Heather's party! Looks like it was really fun! Your gift was so great! You are soooo creative! I'm sure it got MANY laughs! The bags on the clothesline were a niced touch too!

SAM said...

Wow....Heathers party sure looked like lots of FUN! You have to be one of the funniest people I know Donna!! Only you could come up with an AMMO LIPSTICK belt! hahaha too funny....made me laugh out loud!!!