Wednesday, May 30, 2007

throw out your people.....

I am living in a house with 6 people. Ok, Really. 5 live here but I hold the 6th person's junk. Every room and every flat surface in each of those rooms is piled high with junk. We are all collectors of crap. Be it sentimental crap, or too lazy to decide what to do with it crap. My fantasy house is more like a art gallery style environment. Nice walls, with tasteful artwork on them, a few chairs to sit and admire the artwork, and quiet chat with others.. Nothing else.

On that note..... my darling daughter introduced me to a "blog" called Unclutterer. I read it often, and it is full of ideas for uncluttering your space. Recently, the owners of the blog have started a new website called Paperclippy. It is a cool website with tons of neat products for working women. Please book mark this and enjoy. I love it. If you recommend it to your friends, you could win a iPod shuffle. So do that toooooo.
On my "day off" on Monday, I had the pleasure of a yummy lunch in the new "green" room at Wheatons Restaurant. It is a room added on, recently, painted a yummy color of moss green. When we first sat down, Paula pointed out two pieces of artwork on the wall, and how lovely they looked together and how nice they went with the green walls. Thats why I love Paula, because I just don't notice those things. Anyway, as I looked at them, I began to see them on my dining room wall. I currently have a large framed picture featuring apples. Out dated in my new living room/dining room. I have looked for the last year or so, for new artwork, but nothing really caught my eye. But these tranquil scenery's, featuring a Tuscany sort of backyard setting were fast becoming a "have ta have" item. I admired them all through lunch and cake..and when we left the restaurant, I went immediately to the clerk and asked about them.. She said that the frames that were brought in for the restaurant are typically not for sale, but why didn't I go into the store part and ask there. Slightly discouraged, but not totally, I waited around for Paula while she leisurely browsed. The clerk, surprisingly, called over to the store and had a clerk come to where I was (gotta love Wheatons'....really, really) and the clerk named Susan came. She also said they don't usual sell the frames in the restaurant but she would look to see if I could order them. Off she dashed, and now the sweat began to collect on my brow.... how much were the pair of these pictures going to set me back. In my mind, I figured $200 a piece and I would have to "creatively" come up with funds. When she bounced back down with the news that they could be ordered, I was thrilled and terrified at the same time. Impulse shopping at its best. But, we have all done it, right. We have all walked away from something that we totally loved... to later, freak out, rush back to buy, and its gone. Poor Paula is still looking for my green chair from Home Sense that was perfect, and still is perfect, except its gone.!!!!!! Anyway, I softly asked "how much"...... $79 each. WHAT.... Sold... I asked to order them. Then........ she added.... would you like these, and I will order them in for the restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here they are in my dining room.

This is the before picture. This picture was the same thing, about 15 years ago. I saw it, watched it, for months at the old gift shop in the mall. Then, all of a sudden, one day...gone!!!!

I was so upset, that I went in and ordered it right away. I have since learned that sometimes you just shouldn't wait!!! Like Lynn and her damn red purse. Except, she had a nice Xmas surprise, with that damn red purse. I am still waiting for my Green chair from Home Sense to show up!!!!

Terry, my handyman, hung them up tonight, and I love them. I can't wait to eat breakfast in my Tuscany dining room!!

It was difficult to take a picture of the pictures, but below you will get a sort of idea what they look like. And really, if you want to see them in person, I am taking appts for personal viewings. "Tea is extra".


Anonymous said...

Hey Donna-
Love the pics of your new artwork. Looking forward to seeing them on your walls, in person...but I'll pass on the cup of tea (haha!)
p.s. I can't throw out my wafflemaker - I still use it about twice a month - love the homemade waffles!!

cpm said...

Good choice Donna! Love your new art pieces!

SAM said...

I have the hardest time choosing artwork and stuff....thus I still have a mismatch of stuff from when i was in university. Go figure, and I complain all the time about needing new stuff but then can't make a decision. Atleast you can find something you like and buy it!! I love the new paintings!!!