Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shonda and Betsie gave away no Secrets

Ok, first off Grey's Anatomy. It was a great show, with cliff hangers... mostly sad ones.
Christine and Burke. I knew they wouldn't get married. That I was sure of. But I thought for sure it was Christine that was backing out...not Burke. Totally turned things around in that relationship and in my mind. I was mad at Christine all season for giving in, giving up her character, that we all loved about her. Feisty, independent... She just became more and more meek, to make McCranky happy (my cutie name for Burke). Of course, I have never liked Burke because of it, and his arrogance, snobbery and of course, his mother. Now..... I am still mad at Christine.... she was willing to give it all up, even her eyebrows. But Burke, he did a good thing. He saw was he was doing to my Christine, and ended it. He set her free.... kind of heroish. Poor Christine. But it had to happen really. I know, Kelly, they are just characters on tv.
Meridith.... oh my. She has had quite the season, and it looks like its over between her and McDreamy. She is a mess, and I tend to not have patience for people like her. But, its a good lesson too, that when you meet someone who is messed up, and you listen to a podcast about them, you learn more about why they are the way they are.... Too bad other messed up people don't have podcasts published about them. I know, Kelly, they are just characters on TV.
Who is the chick in the locker room. The new Miss Lexie Grey (Meridith's younger half sister)..... she is vinegar in the pot, I think.
Poor Issy and George. It was a surprise to me that he failed his test. That was clever on the part of my good friends, Betsie and Shaunda. A segway to saying good bye to George. Or, do you think he will be back as a first year again. New, younger interns, and George gets to be big man, at the same time, as Callie, his wife, is his BOSSSSSSSS. Intriguing. Issy, can she take any more. Callie is a Chief Resident...and hoping to get pregnant. fights.
Wedding...nice dresses, don't ya think. Brown? bridesmaid dresses, quite nice. And the style suited each of the girls. and the Wedding Dress was perfect in my mind for Christine. Burke's vows.... how sweet was his reciting of the vows. Totally out of character for my McCranky, and the contrast between his perfectly memorized vows and Christine's vows which are washed off of her hand. Ingenious. I know, Kelly, tv characters.... year...more maybe there. Who knows, I have mixed feelings about that event, and not sure what I want to happen. I love that when Alex tries to hit on Addison, she blows him off, and points out about AVA. So, I was glad he went back to the hospital. Cliff Hanger.... for next year.

That's it, Greys done for another season. I think I will try and catch the reruns over the summer. Its always fun to watch the previous shows, once you know how it is all gonna end.
I know, Kelly..... but really, you should watch them too. You will love the show. Its really fun. Good characters...even though they aren't real.

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cpm said...

I don't know who Kelly is but she obviously doesn't understand how much we truly LOVE Grey's!! lol!
Thursday nights are going to be soooo boring! Maybe I'll scrap instead!!!