Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pre - GREYS' Anatomy chat

OK, its tonight. I had a long chat with Shonda and Betsie (The producers). They talked alot about last weeks episode.
Adele and Richard.... in the bathroom, Adele on the floor, bleeding. Richard, falling apart, not his usual calm, cool, Chief. Adele is pregnant with another man's baby. Will Richard find out, of course he will. Cliff Hanger #1
Hikers...... This group of friends, hikers, all together, worried, paniced about the friend that was left behind. A strong group of friends, struggling with their moral decision to leave their friend, dead, in a frozen world. Of course, cliff hanger #2, at the very end, did they leave him there after a fall, or did one of them try to do him in!!!! Oh, and the frost bite.... yucky to look at but VERY COOL effects.
Burke chosing Derek to be his best man..... those two have come along way, sort of full circle. Remember the first year, they weren't even talking to each other, then the surgery of Burkes arm, the fishing weekend away, then the race for Chief. So, I guess there are now friends.
The wedding..... its coming. You can see all the friends are starting to really bond together, after almost a whole season of them separating really. The testing, and everyone rallying around for Meridith, while she writes the test on her own. Poor Meridith, just never catches a break. Like, losing two moms this year, and her father, in her life, then out of her life, and being such a jerk too. Poor Meridith doesn't deal with things, and the producers feel that she has been doing this all her life and it makes Meridith who she is now. She is now pushing Derek away... cause she doesn't have the ability to do anything else. She pushs people away when she can't deal with things and then brings them back into her life when she wants them back. She has never been allowed to be vulnerable her whole life (remember mommy dearest), and this show has shown a vulnerable side of her that we don't ever see. She just never cuts a break, and she has gone through a lot, but she is now learning how to process things. Christine and Meridith are not the type of girls to fail things, and this is a biggie for Meridith. Then the Chief comes in to her and says I am giving you another chance, her first reaction is to be mad. She doesn't want to be taken care of, she doesn't want to acknowledge that she has failed. She is so mean to him. The Chief would have been Meridiths father figure if things had not gone wrong in Meridith's mom's life. If she hadn't got sick, Richard would have stepped in and become Meridith's father, and the fact that she said "Just because you slept with my Mother, doesn't make you my father". MEAN.... but Richard, in true fashion of "fatherly" love, lets her rant, lets her tantrum. That's what a father does. I am going to love you no matter what.....he is really her father in his heart.
Izzy..... is trying to find a way to keep George at Seattle Greys.. She loves him, and tells him that their sex meant nothing.... She walks away, in the closet and falls apart. Oh breaks your heart. She has scarifices herself to keep him there. Not really her character, but she had a big moral code. She and George are in love but they both have pretty big moral issues, and are upset about what they have done. NIce to see in this day and age.
Christine.... trying to do the vows..... Izzy says it all, everything she is feeling and its beautiful, right there in the kitchen, in front of Callie, and Meridith jumps in to try and saves the ball, and trys to identify that this is all about Dennie. Will it happen. its coming. She was nuts really to get married the day after "TEST" day. She doesn't seem to be very exciting about this wedding. She seems like she is going to her funeral!!
Addison, has just figured out that she can't have babies...and now there seems to be babies everywhere. She is in the field of babies, but she just noticed that she has to deal with babies...
Addison, even ... Joe (bartender) and Walter. How cute. Joe will make a great dad, cause he is a bartender. they take good care of everyone, so he will be a great dad of TWINS. Even if he doesn't think he will, and even though he isn't really big on the idea of babies, let alone TWINS. How cute.
AVA..... she has been hiding the fact that she knows her past now. Really, from Alex, her closest friend. We have all felt like Alex is the only person she has. She hids the knowledge, and then when he finds out, he says to her "I don't know who you are". She had huge expectations of when she got her memory back, but what she wasn't counting on was the fact that when she did get them back, they were not good ones. They were horrible, like I am married to a axe murderer or something. But they were mundane. A woman in a BAD marriage. Thats what she was running away from. She has now created a new life for herself, with Alex and all the people from Greys. She doesn't want to know or acknowledge that she is really REBECCA POPE who was a woman lives with a guy who makes furniture in a not so great marriage. She was hoping without the memory, she would be someone incredible, and give that to the baby. Now she is plain Rebecca Pope. tough for both of them.

A few more things... but I have run out of time. Bailey... finds out that Callie is running for Chief. Cliff Hanger? not sure..... Bailey now feels that Callie is her ONLY competition. Bailey has always know that she will be the chief. But Callie.... can be too. Derek...the girl in the bar... what is with that. I am worried. She is too sparkly...flirty. I don't think she is gone... I think she will be back

Have fun tonight...10 pm. Grey's yipee (I have to go to work now.... no spell check sorry)


cpm said...

I can't wait!! Love that you just totally recaped last week and I'm mentally prepared for tonight. 38 more minutes! better get the Coke and chocolate ready! yummy!

SAM said...

I love Grey's....and i loved your prep before. I think you should do that for every episode next season!! :)