Friday, May 4, 2007

Grey's ....times 2

Ok, so do you think they are warming up a "spin off" to Grey's Anatomy or what. The two hour was really two shows, one hour long. And of course, slightly confusing to some. I watched the whole two hours with dad, and every scene change I had to explain which hospital we were in. For the first hour, Dad would say... who the hell is that!! But after awhile, he started to tell me, so I knew he was getting it.
I hate spin off shows. They just try so hard to be as good as the original show. Its painful to watch sometimes. Now this "Oceanview Wellness Center" is full of dysfunctional docs and others in a way more obvious way than Grey's. Like I said, they are trying too hard to be good. Its almost as corny as a show like SCRUBS. Unbelievable in some ways. Of course, Grey's is sort of getting that way too. Trying too hard.
In my walk this morning with the producer and writer, Shandra and Betsie (Ok, while I listened to their Podcast), they talked about the new comers but didn't give any indication if they were coming back to the show, or spinning to a new show. Guess they can't say anything until contracts are signed or what ever.. They talked about how hard it was to have a brand new cast to try and teach "medical" talk to, and they had forgotten how hard it really was for actors to do surgery, talk medical blah blah and act. Gave them a totally renewed appreciation for the cast they have now. Getting back to Grey's though, they talked a lot about the symbolize that was being put in place... Meridith heading back to the "comfortable" zone of "Don't talk to me" with Derek, and heading to drink with her friends. The fact that Christine should have been there with them at the end, drinking too, but instead with McCranky, talking about "are you happy" well "are you happy" and both giving guarded and somewhat fake "yes".. Um....
Next week is called "Testing 1..2..3". They said the title has to do with the fact that they are writing the big test.... and the 1.2.3 has some meaning but they can't tell me.... but its "deep".
BTW, you can listen to the Podcast on your computer or download it to your Mp3 thing, by just asking Jill McD how to do it. Cause I don't know. It just does it for me. Amazing eh. I set it up last year, that when ever I plug in my iPod to ITunes, it automatically goes to the Grey's site and downloads the most recent one. Therefore, I haven't a clue how to tell you to do it. But I am sure Jill knows. She may type it in my comments, if she is a good girl.
The girls (Shandra and Betsie) also talked about a new show airing next week after Grey's called the "Traveler" and they love it. They watched the pilot and they loved it so I am curious now. Oh, BTW again, next week is the second last show of Grey's for this season.

Here's a question.....ok two questions..... What do you think the new show will be called. Oceanview Wellness Clinic?; Addisons' Anatomy?
Question two.... why would Stephanie and another girl have supper with three Spanish men who are complete strangers... and they bought the girls suppers..... oh my GOD..... have I taught her nothing!!!!! allllllll.... Pigs......


mickermoodles said...

stupid spin off show! Oh well, what can you do.... i think addisons anatomy sounds good. at least steph got supper out of the deal :)

SAM said...

I really was confused by this new Grey's mixed up snow. I kept thinking that some how on a commercial break I switched the channel or something. Although I did like the chemistry with Addison and new sexy hippie doctor man! He was cute! But other then that I wasn't a fan of the mixed up grey's night..I just want my greys that's it!!

cpm said...

not a fan of spin-offs either although this one has enough good looking people in it to get me to tune in a few more times...if it gets picked up!
So happy you're friends with "the Grey girls" b/c we get bonus info!