Monday, April 30, 2007

23 years ago today

The things I remember

*dreaming I was in labor, waking up and I was~~
*driving to the hospital at 5:30am and seeing 3 deer on the side of the road, munching... a mom, a dad, and a baby. Wanted to name our new baby fawna or bucko after the baby deer we saw... decided that wasn't a good idea. Broke the nervousness on the 25 minute drive to the hospital though.
*finding out how easy it was to breastfeed a newborn baby
*learning that when there is a sudden drop in barometric pressure (like during a hurricane) that mothers go into labor quite quickly. I waited in the hallway, after my baby was born and listened to 3 other babies being born, cause no one had time to move me to a better spot, cause the babies were coming too fast. Interestingly, we had a huge windstorm that day, with many fallen trees and damaged properties.
*finding out how hard it is to breastfeed a 4 hour old baby.
*meeting my new room mate that had the ugliest baby in the world.
*realizing that all babies were ugly except mine.
*realizing that I had the most beautiful baby in the world

Happy Birthday my little Stephanie April Peters 8lb 5oz... born at 7:55am April 30 1984

(picture coming, as soon as the scanner is installed after supper)

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cpm said...

too it's easy to breastfeed a newborn baby but not a four hour old baby....and even harder a four week old baby! Ahh babies eh?!? Thank God they are cute...yours and mine were anyway lol! Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!