Sunday, April 15, 2007


What a great weekend. Our first game, even though Wendy and Debbie were nervous… went fantastic. We all played like pro’s. I was too naive to be nervous, and really enjoyed the game. The best part was trying (and I mean trying) to make our opponents smile!!!
Saturday… a game against a Greenwood team, who had a rough game, and we shook hands in the 6th, which moved us to Sunday’s semi Finals in “A”, and sent that team straight back out onto the ice for their final game.
Both Friday and Saturday nights were filled with great music, tons of dancing and lots of laughs.
The theme of the whole Bonspiel was “Around the World” and Saturday night the teams did not disappoint. Almost every team was in costume (which included a team dressed as "Canadians" and a team of stowaway immigrants disguised as Canadians) and everyone was in great spirits and the imagination that went into the costumes was amazing. See below for costume pictures.
Sunday morning, was a fairly fun game, in that the other team was very friendly, but we had a couple of rough ends, and they had a couple of lucky/fluke ends. Results... we are done, and we won some really sweet rings from People’s Jewelers, which are a light blue stone with a little diamond on either side. Really sweet.

The Scottish Country was well represented and the Scottish tradition of sharing a friendship cup called a
quaich (pronounced kwa-.... then make a "cat bringing up a furball" sound. Several teams passed this beautiful quaich around the table, with each taking a generous slurp of "Glava" and being careful to leave enough in the quaich for the last person. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the last person, who was Wendy (the true Scot amongst us) was left with at least 4 oz of Glava in the quaich. And being a true Scot, and bound by scottish law, tradition is, she must finish the remaining spirits..... in one gulp. What a bonnie Lass she was, and did her country (and my temporary country) proud.

Some of our Brave and brilliant opponents....This country doesn't have just a bobsled team, they have a curling Team as well... Meet the Jamaicans.

The warmer countries were certainly popular.

There were teams with wider representation, covering a few countries.

Doc's without borders... They were offering up "Shots" all evening, to just about everyone.. So selfless these doctors were!!

And one team represented all the "Miss World" winners for several countries.

Please meet "Miss Switzerland Miss Brazil Missed!! & Miss Figi

a Here is a funny story about this team, and heartwarming as well. This is truly a family tradition with this team. Mom (Miss Brazil)who is in her 70's and her two daughters (Miss Switzerland and Missed) have been teaming up together and coming to this bonspiel for years. Miss Switzerland comes all the way from Winnipeg for this bonspiel, and time spent with her family. This team has never failed to disappoint us, and have left us in tearful, painful laughter for most of the evening. I can't end this blog without a "rear" view of "Missed"

What a great Bonspiel, and the meal was awesome, the service was great too. It was so fun to have Cricket here at her very first Bonspiel, and we met a fun team from Yarmouth, who won just about everything there was to win, with tickets. They won their entry back, the won a yummy door prize, a big gift basket and a runner up prize as well.... and I am thinking we might try their bonspiel next year.... stay tuned.

The END (pardon the THONG!!)


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend Donna! I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad that we get the opportunity to curl together - you are so much fun to be with!!!
You didn't mention how you are feeling, but I can't believe how tired I feel after just curling 3 games - mentally and physically exhausted!
Your pictures are great - can't wait to find out what next year's theme will be...


Scott said...

Haha, great pictures! Glad to hear that you had a good time!

cpm said...

What awesome pictures! Sure looks like you guys had a great time. Your ring is beautiful too!