Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flu 101

Like all the other blogs I have been reading today, my weekend was filled with yardwork and soaking up the sun. It was so nice to unbury all my plants. My front yard garden has so many little bushes and plants and everyone of them was either a gift or family "pass a longs". As I pulled all the old leaves off of each buried plant, little memories of how I got it, or who gave it to me, made me feel so nice. The back yard was mostly leaves, twigs and dog poop!!! Not as enjoyable.
Long story..short. On Monday, I was not feeling so great. Sore, but not my arms or legs. My stomach. I was feeling sort of pissed off, that a little raking and bending could hurt my stomach, actually, the fact that I was so out of shape, was the main reason. Right after supper, which was less than enjoyable, I headed down the 1o1 to the airport to pick up Terry. He's been away for a week, spending time with his dad, now that he was out of hospital, finally. While driving, my stomach was still sore, and I felt that maybe my pants were too tight (another depressing thought). Around Windsor, I felt I couldn't take it any more, and undid my pants.... well, I am not sure what that released but, all of a sudden, I started to get very hot.. sweating... and that was with the air on. In no time at all, I realized, I have to pull over. Sure enough, I got out and was sick on the side of the highway. Ugh. I certainly didn't feel like I could drive the rest of the way to the airport. But I made it. I was never so happy to see that exit sign in my life.
Terry drove home and I had to stop twice, once on the road, once in Sackville... It was a very long night, every hour I was up, and then as the morning broke, it was very 20 minutes. Not fun. I slept and visited the bathroom all day yesterday and my body is so sore I can hardly walk. I am going to try not to lay down today, because my back is so sore, I think moving is better than laying down. But I still have the need for the bathroom... I would love to know where all the liquid comes from! ugh, sorry about that.

Michelle and Scott will be home on Friday and they leave again on Sunday for Goose Bay. Scott's parents are in Goose and they are looking forward to a visit from the pair. Once they are back to Greenwood, they will both start work. Michelle at Peoples and Scott at the Aurora Inn... Stephanie leaves for Mexico next Tuesday and is back May 25. She starts work at the craft council on June 1, so we get to have her home for a few days before she starts work. Sean started yesterday. So, that's it for all the kids working for the summer. Way better feeling than last year when jobs were pretty scarce and they all were struggling to find work.

ok, now I have to go lay down.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds nasty. I wonder what brings on the flu... Take care. GM

Scott said...

Hope you're feeling better!

papermemories said...

UGH! You sound Gross...
I have been home for two days, just basically feeling ....yucky- but no where nearly as yucky as you!

Feel better soon,


Josee said...

Isn't it amazing how much "toxins" your body can put out in a few hours. Good thing it does not go on for too long. Hang in there.

cpm said...

I'm so sorry your sick...are you sure it's not allergies ha!ha! or scabbies lol!
Well the good thing about having you out sick is that I am getting TONS of work done at school.
but I miss you like crazy...get better quick!!!!

SAM said...

Oh my!! Thats terrible that you are soo sick!! We definitely miss you when your not there!! The office just isnt the same without you and your water GUN!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!