Thursday, April 26, 2007

Penis FISH!!!!

Yes, there really is a reason why I don't swim in the Amazon, or any wild water...Lakes, rivers, oceans. There really are Penis Fish. Called .... CANDIRU

Grey's Anatomy have stooped pretty low this week. Even I was cringing at the "low" blow, with the tubes and hooks and ewwww.... I see things rapidly falling apart on Grey's, for everyone except Christine and Cranky. Who actually smiled once in this show. So, who knows what the final 3 will bring. I plan on having a conversation with the producers of the show tomorrow morning on my walk (via the most recent PodCast) so I will let you know.

FLU 101 done. I think. Back to work...normal life in my system.. so far...

Terry hits the 101 tomorrow, to head to Antigonish to pic up Scott and Michelle, who are done... done ... done. Michelle is in the midst of major construction there at Burke house, and since early yesterday, the bulldozers and dirtmovers have been hard at it. She has to stay until the very last little pumpkin is out of Burke House, which will be tomorrow at 3pm. So, meanwhile she is holding down in her little room, while the walls, windows, doors, and grounds come down all around her. She feels like they are perched, ready to bounce the minute she vacates the hallways. Its a sad thing to see the legendary BURKE house, home of the frosh for millions of years, go by the dumpster, but in Sept, it will be a new BURKE house, same brick walls but all new inside. Michelle gets a bigger, new room, with a private bathroom (down the hall) and a whole new era of BURKE. Nice that she spent 2 years in old BURKE which is unheard of, since it has been a totally FROSH house for years. No body gets to return to it a second year. Not only did she get to spend a second year, but is returning for a third year and the Senior RA. Scott, who was a BURKE FROSH boy, got to return for a second year, as the house president, but two years was enough of the madness for him. He is off to his own apt (with 6 other boys) just down the road. I think it will be like a Mini Burke, myself, since most of the boys he is rooming with are exiles (ex Burke). But the food will be better than the last two years, since he will be buying and preparing it himself. How many nights a week can you have fondue Scott? But, we do know the hollandaise sauce goes with everything, so that's a good thing. Scott and Michelle are going to Goose Bay for a week on Sunday, so I hope Scott spends a day or two, copying out his mom's favorite recipes, since every one of them I have had are absolutely AWESOME. Skor Short breads... fondue, and Brownies. (So far)

Stephanie, is done as well. Last assignment handed in today. 5th year, done. Check!! One more, for this hurdle. On Tuesday, she flies out from Fredericton to Merida Mexico where she will be studying Mayan Culture ( I think) and taking 3 UNB courses while visiting Mayan stuff, like ruins and shopping Malls (I think).
For her birthday, we gave her a new camera. We bought Stephanie a digital camera in like 2000 when she went to Japan. I think it was a 2.0. Top of the line back then. But on her trip to Belize last year, her pictures were very blurry and thank God for all the other people's pictures, because Stephanie's just were not worth saving. So, how can you have a world traveler amongst us, and have her go with a 7 year old camera. So, she has been having fun with it, since she got it yesterday as you can see by her blog. Mostly cats, but she is taking requests!! Her birthday is Monday... April 30th, and although she didn't make me wait for her as long as Michelle did (being 15 days LATE) Stephanie was due on April 25, yesterday, Day 2 of my FLU. To be fair to Stephanie, it was smart that she didn't come on time, because we didn't come up with a name for her until the night before she was born. (April 29th) Well, we did have Jeffery David picked out, and that would have had to do, I guess.

I have a very sick "Glee" in my heart, and a little nervous twitch, so I have to share it. From the day Chantal got the word that she was posted, I warned her that the Military has a way of messing with your mind. I warned her not to go to far with stuff until the blessed "MESSAGE". Ok, no message so far, and I am thrilled... and selfishly excited that maybe I was right, yet again. Here is my problem, I may be getting my hopes up now, and just high enough to dare to hope that she won't get posted this year, and then WHAM... Jun 15 or so... a message... typical Military style.. and my hopes get dashed. So I won't hope too hard, so that I won't fall to hard, if and when the message does come in....


Scott said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better! I will be sure to copy some of my Mom's recipes (good idea!).

From 12pm-9pm today we moved into the new house. LONG day. I am looking forward to coming to Greenwood!

mickermoodles said...

its 2am and i'm just getting to bed it was a crazy night. and the crazy dy starts at 6am tomorrow... :| time to catch some zzzz s see you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Grey's was a little gruseome tonight!
So excited to hear about Stephanie's upcoming adventure - I never knew that Jeffrey David was the name you had picked out for a boy - that is my brother's name - another doo-doo-doo moment for the 2 of us!
I'm right there with you on Chantal's possible move - you just never know with the military - been there, done that!


cpm said...

Well you are the first to know...we have verbal confirmation that we are NOT going anywhere!!! No "message" yet but 'tis the word on the streets...I hate to say it but "YOU WERE RIGHT!!!" aren't you always!!! :-) I'm dreading calling my parents...ugh! Steve told his family and they cried. Looks like you're stuck with me another year at least and I'll be team teaching with M-J next year! oye!

cpm said...

I really REALLY (I can't stress really enough) want to call you but I know your family just arrived so I won't. I can picture you reading this message during your morning routine...and saying "See Chantal...I told you so!" and laughing! Crazy military!!!