Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Morning

Can you believe the weather. Last night after a great game of cranium and two dice games I hit the bed, and there was about an inch of snow on the ground.

This morning, after the Easter Bunny had laid out his offerings, there was 12 inches of snow on the deck rails.

no kidding...12 inches... check out the pics.

The cats were mad, the dog was thrilled... and I am not the most pleased. First off, we were all set with crafts, coloring and word searches for church this morning and now, IF I can get to church, there will be very few there...ugh. Our neighbour shoved his entire driveway this morning, only to get stuck once he backed out onto the street... Not sure what my attempt will bring. We shall see.

My Easter Treasure hunt planned for this afternoon....involving a long drive in the car.... may or may not happen. Time will tell.
Check out our webcam on the family website... it shows yesterday in the front yard...and this morning...

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