Sunday, April 29, 2007

Travelling day....week really!

The kids are home from ST FX. Terry drove to St. FX on Friday morning towing the utility trailer and by supper they were back, just ahead of the rain. (TRIP #1) The kids spent the evening unpacking, sorting, laundry and organizing.

this morning they are off to Goose Bay Labrador at 11am today.. Daddy has just left a few minutes ago for the trip to the Airport. (Trip #2) They will be there at 1:15pm. There is nothing worse than putting your kids on an airplane...especially if you hate flying as much as I do. ugh. Terry will leave the airport and go to his mom's where he will spend the day doing "technical support" on his mom's network of computers in her house

Today is my niece's birthday... Patience Louise MacLean is turning 32. This would be my sisters' baby girl and only biological daughter. She is living in St. John New Brunswick and holds down two really fun jobs. She is a hair stylist and she also works in a Gym. Happy Birthday Patience.

Tomorrow is Stephanie's 23rd birthday. Imagine. She will be spending her birthday packing and organizing to get ready for a 26 day trip to Merida Mexico which starts on Tuesday. Another day of worry for me as she will be up and down about 4 times in 4 different aircraft at 4 different airports!!! ugh

Then Michelle and Scott get back home on Saturday at 3, and they both begin their summer jobs with a few days of that.

Today is Purse club... yipeee. We are off to Wolfville at 1, and its nice to get together with all the girls. Cindy Harrison will be back from her trip south where she went with 11 other girlfriends from her youth. They are all turning 50 this year. How cool is that. I can't wait to hear about the trip. Heather GR won the purse last month, so we will get to see her purchases today. I think it will be summer clothes.... we shall see

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cpm said...

You're afraid of flying?!? I'll get Steve to take you up for a fun flight on Family and Friends day! They are always a blast!