Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 16....God used this day to create TWO very special people


Jill MacD, JillyBean... Happy Birthday. You are THE most, creative and gifted person I know. You are amazing, and that just isn't quite enough. You are generous, kind and understanding. You are helpful and caring... ok... so you are going to kill me for this..... but

I just can't let the 40th anniversary of "Canada's Centenial" go by without a blog. Like, remember the song

"Caaaaa...naaaaaa...daa.........WEEEEEEE...Love da da dum dum dum da da dum... I don't remember the rest of the song.

And then there is the Centenial symbol of our new flag. The triangles... remember drawing those a thousand times in school.

And the penny.... Jill, there are still those pennies around, and I always think to myself... wow, this penny is as old as Jill. Oh, that was bad.... sorry. If it makes you feel better, its not as old as me.

Remember, now, Jill. We have been friends for a long time. We have been through many fun things, some sad things, some painful things, some fun but painful things (that would be me, trying to be creative, and you being soooo supportive) So, because we have known each other for a very long time, and we have been through lots together, I felt it was my job to honor you on this 40th anniversary of a very special event.

Happy Birthday Jilly Bean, and remember.... it could have been WAY worse.

Ok, everyone, meet Jill MacDonald
Born April 16, 1967

Please enjoy just a few of the hundreds of pictures I have scanned into my computer, and will use, if Jill shows up at my office today..... ugh.

Please email Jill today, or visit her blog (in my favorites) and wish her a Happy 40th birthday.

I love ya Jill...... remember, we are going to grow old together.


The big news in 1975..... Metric. Schools were forced to teach only in Metric. Labels on food.... metric only. My Nanny in law became a woman of metric and began ordering a kilometer of ground beef from the butcher, whenever she need to buy the good ground round for making Kibbi.

Musical news of 1975.... "Love with Keep us together" by Captain and Tennille.

Other news in 1975... The UN decreeded 1975 as the International Year of the Woman. How appropriate that 1975 be "Year of the Woman" when a wonderful "woman to be" was born into the world.

Chantal Paquin-McAlpine

I have only know Chantal for about 2 years and I can't believe how lucky I am to have her as a friend and a co-worker. Chantal has brought so much to our school, with her knowledge, her talents and her amazing ability to " say it like it really is". This girl says what your thinking but don't want to say.... she cracks me up almost every day.

I am totally old enough to be her mother (if I was just a little more promiscuous...being just 16 when she would have been born), but yet, she makes me feel like I am as young as she is.

Here are just a few observations I can share about Chantal. Chantal is a "Poster child" for the association of "ONLY CHILD" children. It is not an easy thing to be one, and also to raise one.... and usually it can pretty obvious that your talkin' to an "only".... BUT Chantal... although, she is an "only" .... is the PERFECT "only". She is beautifully spoiled, and devilishly proud of it, but that is as far as the characteristics go. I would think that she was raised with several siblings... because she is as feisty and strong as themiddle child of several boys. She stands her ground, with grace and humor, and truly looks at the other side of things when faced with a conflict. Kudos to Chantal... and to her parents.... you should right a book on raising "an only child" so perfectly.

Chantal... mother of twins... two year old twins..... oh my GOD.... first off, she isn't 20 inches around... and birthed two FULL TERM babies....
Chantal, you brighten our school with your presence, you sense of humor (sometimes sick as it is), your kindness, your positive attitude in sometimes the worst situations.... your openness and eagerness to compliment and encourage everyone around you. I haven't even touched on your teaching and parenting abilities.... I will save those comments for another blog.

Happy Birthday Chantal.....

Please visit Chantal's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday...


cpm said...

'kay I'm totally crying!!! Could I possibly love you anymore?!? Well I did pull a very only child move this morning when I read the title...skipped right over your tribute to Jill and went straight to me (I WILL of course read hers later!!!) lol!
Where the *#%$& did you get those pictures?!? I KNOW my parents have no clue how to use a scanner so who's your connection?!? Could it possibly be Tanya??? Ohhh you little devil Donna! You are soooooooooo clever.

Josee said...

Way to go Donna! With a friend like you, who would need anyone else. Nice photos Jilly bean!

papermemories said...

Thank you Donna...not for posting pics of me, but for not posting the REALLY bad pics of me!

You are hilarious and I loved starting my day this way...tears and laughter all in one blog!

You are an amazing friend...I am so blessed!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Donna- what a wonderful tribute to 2 well- desrving people! Happy birthday to both Jill & Chantal!!!
You are so smart (and sneaky too) to have planned and prepared your blog for today!
You are an awesome friend!


Anonymous said...

I loved your blog today! And you're right...Jill and Chantal are amazing! I count myself lucky that i have had a mentor like chantal this year!!! I am also glad to have you to entertain us daily in the office you are always so helpful, and nice!! You are definitely the Queen of the Kingston Castle!! hahahaha:)
Stephanie Meisner

Angie said...

How cute! You are a great friend it seems! Only an amazing friend could embarass the other with such style!!! Way to go!