Thursday, May 31, 2007

Raspberries, anyone?

Tonight, Terry and I dug up about 3 dozen raspberry plants to bring to my sisters. Gail and Mert have a cottage on Grand Lake, NB. Over the past 4 years, the lake has been claiming a good size portion of their property each year after the "flooding. The lawn is being pulled away, and the beach is getting bigger. To solve this little dilemma, they had a retaining wall built on the beach, and about 20 feet of their property was reclaimed. To celebrate this victory over nature, we thought it was a good time to spruce up the flora and fauna around the cottage.

This is a side view of my sister's cottage. Please note the small cottage that Mert and his buddies built for his 5 grandchildren. Can you see the late off in the background.

Well have a look at this next picture and you will see what I mean by the floods. Grant it, this was the worst flood in 20 years...but still shocking to see. There is quite a slope to the land, so the main cottage was never in danger, but the Guest cottage had a few "leakage issues".
Our plan is to put in some flower beds with lots of perennials that I have dug up from my garden. I also helped by dear friends Bob and Kay Amos with a little raspberry "thinning" and I do have a line on a good size chunk of periwinkle. The problem is that the top soil that Gail is expecting may not arrive on time for the big planting, and that will be tough. But we have already cancelled this trip due to wet weather, so we are going anyway tomorrow, and do what we can.

A few of the cottage pics......Imagine how lucky my sister is to have 5 grandchildren, all within 2 hours of her house, and they are all within 4 years of each other. This is a picnic at the cottage last summer. And a beautiful summer sunset.

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SAM said...

Oh wow, the pictures of the Lake make me sooo happy. Cottages and family are the best part about summer, someday I hope my house is on the lake so I can enjoy, lake family and fun year round!! What a great place for your sisters grandkids, the memories they will make there will be with them forever!!