Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cottage Dreamin'

Our trip to Grand Lake was hugely successful in that the weather was perfect, and we got all our gardening done in one day.

the Kitchen Window Garden (named because you see it beautifully, while doing the dishes) has been extended by 6 feet and a nice sized rhubarb has been added. We pulled out a huge patch of Creeping Thyme and transplanted it to a shady spot for the time being so we can use it down by the newly constructed beach wall. We pruned, trimmed, weeded and mulched all the gardens. This the view of the newly added to Kitchen Window Garden. The rhubarb that was transplanted from my garden.

We even spotted a little visitor in the garden the next morning. Can you spot him!!
The front of the cottage is all shade so we added a few shade plants that will, over time, grow amongst the rocks and give the front some softness and color.

Gail is there this weekend, to build a sunny flower box, and fill it with Scarlett Runners, Morning Glories and Sunflowers. It will change the look of the Red Barn

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cpm said...

okay Little Miss Green Thumb...holy've got talent! I need your advice on my flower beds!
and I also want some of that yummy on toast! Do English people do that?!?