Monday, June 11, 2007

Ok, who said you were allowed in my yard!!!!!

Mollie was a little ticked off this evening after supper when the usual crowd of little birds that hang around the birdfeeder by the window, suddenly changed to the "arch" enemy of our yard.
She hates the chipmunks and squirrels in the back yard, who sit on branches way up high, and make fun of her. She actually stomps her feet (all 4 of them) and tries to make herself much tougher than she really is.
Well, imagine when this little beggar shows up and starts packing in all the little birdies special treats (ok, sunflower seeds). Not impressed!!!!!


SAM said...

Oh your doggie Mollie is beauitful!!! Cosmo hates when intruders are in the yard too...especially cats....I hate to say this...but he's kind of a little thick and often misses when the chipmunks are running around !hhahaha

cpm said...

Oh Mollie! You'll never catch them but you'll always be cuter!

Anonymous said...

Donna - you have been taking the most amazing pictures... I'm envious of all the animal shots you been able to get - especially the hummingbird. Poor Mollie does not look impressed!

papermemories said...

Those chipmunks....they shouldn't be teasing Mollie! How mean!


Anonymous said...

You should get a video of Mollie stomping her feet at them.. hilarious! Albert

Anonymous said...

Hey look at me - I'm doing this!!
Wow - I amaze me. I love your blog. I hadn't read your tribute to Lynn. You do things in such a caring way - full of warmth and so genuine! Would you write my eulogy - I'd be honored !!

Love the Pic of today. Hey I'm on the web and so is my baby news - thanks!