Sunday, June 10, 2007

Are ya sick of Gardening stuff yet? Sorry....but I am not

This weekend has been 100% gardens, plants, greenhouses, dirt and lunch at Wheatons. My sister in law, Kim, and her friend, Sandy came up to the Valley for the day, and we drove from Greenhouse to Greenhouse, looking at plants. Kim bought a few plants to pot up into planters and Sandy bought some sweet waxed Begonia's and two little containers. They both bought Spirea from Wheatons and we stopped for lunch. Kim and I split the Coconut Cream Cake.... my second time... yum.
I bought tons, and planted lots last night, and finished it off today, after a family trip to Den' Hanns. I didn't take many pictures of my pots, cause they look thin and spindly right now. They need about 2 weeks to fill out, and then I will take pictures. My gardens are at their absolute prime right now, before the maga heat, and sun. I even have a pond visitor as well. He is at the bottom of the picture of my little waterfall, with a larger shot to the right.

Iris.... they are so regal.... without foliage, but stunning when they bloom.
On Friday morning, I arrived at work... with the usually hustle and bustle going all around the office. But sitting quietly and sweetly on my desk was a set of handmade note cards, with my initials on them (the way I like them tooooooo "dp"). they were adore with sweet ribbon, with two bows and a tastefully stamped little PeaPod..... One of my favorite little novelties.... peas...

Its a funny thing really..... I hate peas. Absolutely... repulsed.... but I love the look of a sweet peapod, and seem to be surrounded by discreet little peapod items around my house. A candle in the kitchen, dishcloths embroidered with them, a soap dish... earrings... two necklaces.... My cards were left "anonymously" but I think I can figure it out....can you?

Cake anyone?
Michelle and Scott have been dying to try a new "cake" recipe since our Kraft "Whats' Cooking" Magazine showed up in the mail. So, Saturday evening while Terry and I put together some flower pots, Michelle and Scott created....

This cake is made with pudding, cool whip, oreo cookies and Ice Cream Sandwiches.

We Celebrated our yummy dessert by having Corey over for supper tonight, since it is his birthday tomorrow. If you are at Superstore on June 11, please stop by Customer Service Desk and say "Happy Birthday" to Corey Barton. Even better, why not sing it to him. hee hee.
The finished product photo is actually off the "Whats Cooking" website, since we forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Our Cake looked exactly like this one, and we did some chocolate sauce swirl on the plates first and then laid a nice slice of the cake on top. Corey's had candles added.


cpm said...

Your gardens are beautiful! Makes me want to bring a lawn chair over and read a good book! I'm not surprised the little frog came for a visit! I want to come too! :-)
That cake looks yummy...did it taste as good as it looked? I love the Kraft cookbook. So much fun stuff in it!
Let me guess who put the cards there....hmmm...this is a tough one...could it be JILL!! lol!
Isn't she the greatest! They are really sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love your dp notecards. Send me a note!!!!.. Your sister would love those notecards with a gm on them.....:)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Donna.. just beautiful.. now if I could only get you and Teryr up here to work your magic on our yard! Love Albert