Monday, June 25, 2007

do the Math.....

ok... take a $3000 bus bill.... break it down by trip....then divide it by how many classes went on that trip....then subtract the taxes from the total trip, and then add on to each individual trip...32 percent of 14%, and keep a separate category for the extra tax (the 68%)....write one cheque for the full amount to the bus company, but on the computer, you subtract each mini total (trip plus 32% of the 14% tax) from each teacher's acct, and the taxes come from the Miscellaneous tax. Then fill out the HST rebate form, listing all the information above.. and coming up with the total of the tax that I have taken out of the miscellaneous acct... hoping to get that back from AVRSB by Sept..... and try to do that amongst, band aids, phone calls, buses, parents, kids and staff...buzzing about....AND THAT IS ONE END OF YEAR INVOICE!!!!!
The answer to the above mentioned problem........ why does Donna have a furrowed brow on these last days of School.
On the up swing..... everyone else in the school is in much better spirits than last week (their report card week) and so that makes my crazy week this week... a little easier to take.

This week..... is the worst week of the entire school year, in my opinion. Sooooo many good byes. Some, too hard to even think about; others are sad for me, but good moves for them. Retirements...always fun. Its great to see people survive a career and move onto the real reason for living!! Some students and parents, you just hate to see go, and others you do the dance of joy when they are gone.... Besides the good byes, the workload is about 4 times heavier in the next 3 days than any other time of the year, even Sept. June..... never a good month.

On another UPSWING item.......My sister and brother in law, along with granddaughter #2, Emily, will be visiting on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Emily hasn't had a vacation in the valley by herself yet, and its her turn. So Gail will fill her days here in the Valley with the best we have to offer....Oaklawn Zoo, Dollarama, the playground,Kingston School, Peoples Jewelers... and Upper Clements Park. Gail ends her career of working for the computer business by taking her last two days of work as Vacation Days in the Valley. She is officially retired... Friday at 4:30. How exciting is that!!! And how nice is that, she will be spending her last day as a working woman...with me!!!! Yipee. What can we have for supper on Friday night, to celebrate!!?! Any suggestions.

I had a great weekend with my cousis...(cousin who is like a sister) at her "homes" in Moncton. We spent equal amounts of time at her "country" home in Coverdale, and her "town" home in Riverview. Its hell, really, having two homes.... but it will only be for this week. YOu know, where is the phone... which house has the can opener.... did you see the kids... which house are they at... hee hee... My weekend was spent filled with laughing, packing, unpacking, eating, driving, shopping... lizards (two of them.. Squirt and Heidi), dogs...(two of them.. Rascal and Allie) boys...(two of them...Dan and Andre) (two of them.... Paul and Terry) and beautifully voluptuous women (two of and Sandra).
Sandra and her family (including lizards, fish, dogs and boys) are moving from the country to the city. Its time.... they are ready for the convenience of living less than 5 minutes from everything. The boys will be able to walk/bike to school and home. They will be within walking distance to friends houses, and its a beautiful home, with lots of space for everyone to get lost in. I can't believe I went all the way to Moncton and didn't bring a camera. I would have taken a million pictures of the house... the kids.. and all the family. but you will just have to imagine. Sandra... good luck with the rest of the move this week... and I wish I was there. Moving is sooooo much more relaxing than "doing the Math" I am doing!!!!!

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cpm said...

Do the math...3 classes, one bus, 19 volunteers (13 free) 65 admissions to Ross Farm, 65 + 26 for ice cream...oh and take the majority out of P/1 FM hee!hee! You poor lady! Sorry Donna! :-( Thank you for all your hard work (and thanks for always having time for me amidst the craziness!) love you for it! (and for everything else!!!) xo