Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Project

Two falls ago, Terry build this much needed replacement shed by the side of the house. Then, last fall, he obtained a window from my brother in law (two actually, but one is across the street in the Estey's new shed). On a spring visit this year, Cricket suggested that we needed shutters and a window box for our little shed. I didn't even think of that, but she was totally right.Scott spent part of the summer last year, using up all the left over bricks from our back yard project to make a garden square for the "spare" garden I have at the side of the house. That garden was my spare garden where I put things I had too many of. Sort of as a holding space until I could get rid of them. Well, it use to be well hidden behind two lilac bushes. They got removed last summer and replaced with two small "yews" and suddenly my spare garden is now a wide open garden.

My summer project will be to move, remove, weed, mulch and beautify my spare garden!!!!

some garden pics....Columbine from the Walkers Gardens.

Patrick, frog watching. We have named the frog "Jumpy".


papermemories said...

So, so pretty!
I must take and post the pics of the plants that came to live in my garden from yours last year...

I have a "Donna's" Garden :-)

cpm said...

I love the shutters and window box. Cricket was right! I want to grab a book and read in your backyard. It's so peaceful! Don't be surprised if you find me there one day lol!
Stephanie said she'd bring me a hosta for my new "area" in the back but if you want to get rid of a plant or two I will start a Donna Garden too!

SAM said...

hahaha I love your gardens...someday i want mine to look like yours!!! They are amazing...and I love yoour little house(shed) in the back's super cute...and the shutters and window box look so cute, like a littel doll house!!