Friday, June 8, 2007

Just Pictures... too nice to not post

Cottage living..... nothing like it. This time of the year, the Canada Geese are plentiful. They walk the beaches each morning, but because we were too close (while gardening), they took their little families on a "swim past" instead. How adorable is this little family.

the Hummingbird situation at the cottage is busy, and sometimes violent. It is a RARE moment, that I could get a pic of these little rascals. Have you ever tried to take a pic of a hummingbird in action. They know....they just know... that you are waiting to take a picture. They only show up when your not ready. And even when you are ready, the digital camera is just not as quick as a hummingbird. In all my attempts over the past couple of years....this is my first pic of the little darlins'. But it doesn't even begin to capture the awe of how amazing they really are. There isn't a minute....while your on the deck, that you don't have a hummer...buzzzing past you.

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rob said...

You are so talented. Where do you find the time to do it all? Here I am procrastinating from writing report cards, enjoying your handiwork. Your pics are beautiful. Imagine what you could do with a "real" camera? You say you don't have the imagination to come up with the work I do, bull-larky. What I see here is proof to the contrary. Don't think I came by it overnight. You have the potential, I can see it. For 700 or 800 scheckles you could set yourself with a doozie of a camera.

Talk to me. Maybe I too will blog someday. That would truly make a soap-opera. Maybe not Grey's, but still full of drama and whining. Did I mention I hate whining?

Happy sunshine,