Monday, February 26, 2007

Blogs are funny

I actually spend some time this weekend reading other peoples blogs. I thought it was so funny to see on my friends blogs, a list of blogs that they read and some of them, they don't even know these people. I actually thought..."that's weird". But... this weekend, I came up with a fantastic idea for an Xmas gift for Terry for next year. I thought I would like to get him some tickets to a taping of the "Rick Mercer Report". I searched the website and saw that all his tapings are sold out for this season, which is ok, since I want them for next season. So, for fun, I "Googled" Rick Mercer tickets.
Well, I got a couple of hits with no luck, but then I came up with this girls blog. She went to the taping and I read all about her experience. In was in 2006. Then I read a couple more of her blogs, and then I got hooked on reading her stuff and her comments. I found her blog from this month and spent an hour reading her happenings.. what a hoot. She is hilarious and "real". anyway, I think I will pop in on her blog from time to time to see how things are going with her.

Michelle and Scott are home from St. FX for the week and it is fun to have them home. Michelle is knitting up a storm, and relaxing so far. She had a disappointing appt with the Dentist today... and that was the subject of much ranting at supper. I miss her little rants... she certainly can tell it like it is.. Scott walked the streets of Greenwood, drumming up some prospects of summer jobs. Michelle will do that tomorrow, I think.

Lent... going well. Its a tough time of the year most of the time... because the weather usually sucks (except today of course) school is usually nuts...year end finances, report cards.. staffing talk.. But, its particularly tough this year, as we found out last week that our principal is leaving and moving onto a new job at the board level. It's a great job for her, and the right decision, but for us, its one of the toughest times of the year to lose a great leader and such a fun person to be around. It makes each day a little tougher, when you are worried about the outcome of a new principal. ugh... thank GOD for Lent. Because, its a positive focus for me. It is giving me some inner peace.

Please visit Chantals' blog... please, and if you do, please leave her a comment. She is now enjoying the fact that she has a counter (to watch how many come to visit her blog) but is totally freaked that no one is leaving her a comment.... she want to hear from you people. Gotta love her... truly... gotta love Chantal. And Thanks Chantal for including us in your "Chinese New Year" today... my fortune cookie said something lovely about love and friendship but I lost the fortune to some sweet and sour sauce and couldn't read it after a bit.


cpm said...

I love how I'm always smiling while I'm reading your blog! You are so funny! Could I love you anymore then I already do?!?...I don't think so!!! You never told me what you gave up for that a way of actually sticking to it?!? You'll have to keep me in line with mine! Nice to know that Linda Mac doesn't think I gossip...God love her! Obviously she doesn't know me well enough yet lol! Plus like I would ever be negative about another co-worker with administration....not cool at all! Glad you liked the Chinese treat! A demain!

cpm said...

oops forgot to thank you for the message about leaving a *%#@* comment on MY always do but that silly Jilly...she NEVER DOES! Oh yes Jill I know you are reading this...I am talking about YOU lol!

Josee said...

you are so right about blogs. I read Stephanie's blog, not because I know her but I love the way she writes.
PS keep lovin my boy!