Thursday, March 1, 2007

Grey's ... where are you?

Chantal and I were talking today about Blogs and how fun they really are. I told her I could blog every day cause I have so many things to say.... but.... I figure it would drive everyone crazy and then no one would visit my blog... but then, that's OK too. So, Chantal, lets try and blog every day. (After report cards)

Grey's.... repeat. I had a long chat with my two friends (Shawnda and Betsy) who are the executive producers of the show. They talked to me for 27 minutes about the last show. (OK, it was the Podcast on Grey's) Great insight into the show, let me tell ya. They are hilarious... anyway, they let me know that the next episode is not airing until March 15th. This, I assume, is to help the teachers tonight finish up those last few report cards. Anyway, they talked about Meridith and her relationship with her mom, and Meridith was saved by Derek but she needed to save herself. She had to go through this "Wizard of Oz" journey to realize that everything she wanted she already had. They talked about the love affair between Christine and Meridith as true friends. They talked about Denny and his love for Izzy and how this affected Meridith. They talked about wanting to do a show just about all the dead people from the show. And they made lists of them all to see how many and they said there were too many to bring back. But when they made the list they narrowed it down to the 4 most important dead people. Anyway, it was a great listen. I listened at the gym while beginning my first workout with my new "hi Tech' Nike+Ipod Pedometer.
My sister has challenged me for the next 10 days. She, who runs 5 km, three times a week. Ugh. But tonight, I ran 1 km, to calibrate my new pedometer, and the 3.5 km on the treadmill (with a few walking minutes in between). Its all calibrated on my iPod and when I plug it into my iTunes on the computer, it sends all my information to this website, and also to my "challenge" acct, that my sister can see. She is watching me..... ugh. so, to make the run more interesting, I downloaded the latest "Grey's PodCast" and you know the rest of the story.
Family News- for those interested
*Stephanie comes home tomorrow via bus. It was going to be via ferry on Saturday but the weather sounds just too bad for crossing the Bay of Fundy. So, she will spend a long tiring Friday on the bus. But as she said, it gives her an extra day home while Michelle and Scott are home.
*Michelle and Scott will leave on Sunday, to go back to St. FX. Michelle actually has a "staff" meeting on Sunday night at 9:00pm. Imagine. That is university living. I would be off to bed shortly past nine o'clock at night, and they hold most of their meetings at that time.
* Terry's Dad (see blog on Jan 31st) has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, just a week or so ago. He is currently in the hospital and just received his first chemo treatment. He is sort of unstable as far as health right at the moment, with various things. Last week, fluid on his lung, and some leg swelling. This week he had a very rough weekend, and was admitted to stabilize just a few little things like "levels" of things. So, tonight he is resting in a private room, and has a virus which they are combating as well. This is so new to us, and Kelly, Terry's baby sister is our link to him. She has been keeping both our family and Kim (other sister) up to date on all the happenings and I know that isn't very easy for her.
*Stranger still, my dad has been hit with something rather suddenly today and has escalated into quite a painful thing. His knee has locked up, and is quite painful, and he is curled up in bed, unusually early, with chills and is quite sore. I had to help him out of his chair and into his room. I will be sleeping on the couch down stairs tonight (to his dismay) because I have a feeling that he is not going to have a good night.

Knock Knock.... Who's there..... TANK....... TANK Who? ......oh, your welcome.

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cpm said...

Blogging everyday...consider it a challenge!!! After report cards and interviews...although parent/teacher interviews would be fun to blog about...there's always some weirdos!!! lol!
I'm convinced that the fact that there was no Grey's is a sign from God to get my @$#% is gear and finish my report cards. It didn't work! hee!hee!
Have a great weekend with you family! Hopefully your Dad is Okay!