Thursday, March 29, 2007

Grey's is a repeat tonight.....

What a busy week. And long. I can't believe its only Thursday.

This weeks news..... our new principal has been announced. Mike Baltzer. That is incredibly exciting and a huge relief to the staff. It was just one of those things that everyone was on edge about since about Feb 15th. But not many admitted it. We were all willing to discuss our worries, but we didn't really acknowledge that the stress of not knowing who was coming, and the stress of fearing the unknown, had blanketed our staff through the entire Feb/Mar season (you know, report cards, March Break, parent/teacher visitations... stressful enough at the best of times). BUT.... Mike. Former teacher, one of the best we had, and great with kids. One of those cool teachers, who seemed to have a relationship with the kids that was unmeasurable. He has been principal at Bridgetown for the last 5-6 years. We are blessed and relieved. We will miss Heather and her energy, positive attitude and her female twist on most things. Mike will be a different leader, and that is good, because you just can't replace someone like Heather.

Fiscal year end...... oh my..... that is my week. Three of them. How is that possible to have 3 year ends? I ask myself that too. I hold three different set of books. One of them is only temporary, until Libby comes back, which will be next week I think. But, regardless, I have the year end fun, and will hand her over a brand new year. My own books consist of school books, which hold all the teachers classroom funds, and fundraising, grants, trip money etc. And then there's the School Board books... which is all purchase orders and operating cost stuff.... both unique and fun, until this very week. Then they all funnel down into the same sort of soup pot which I must chop, dice, slice, stir and mash until they are both done. And.... I am one day away. The last bank deposit goes in today, and the last bills paid today, and the books are then done tomorrow and sent away. The board money....done. bills and PO's....done. Cafeteria....done. almost there.

Healthy Snack Grant....done...except for Chantal's approval. Then it will be faxed today... so we can buy more little snackies for the kidlings.
When off to Clare tomorrow (Mixed curling bonspiel) , right after work. So tonight I must cook and prepare lots of lunches and suppers for dad, and rearrange the fridge so he can find things. I have to pack and prepare some weekend food, and ... that's it, I think.

My cold has transitioned into a coughing cold, instead of a "no breathing" cold. That is just lovely for the weekend that I will be sleeping in a cottage with 3 other couples. *cough, cough, cough*.... I wonder if I drink lots, will I cough less..... I will try that tomorrow night.

One weekend away from Easter... starting to plan some activities for the weekend. I love to plan fun things for the whole family to get involved with. Our Easter weekends are always one of my favorite weekends. So this year I have something very special planned. I have 28 windows in the house, and the family would have so much fun, washing them all, inside and out. Just like last year. Many hands make light work. As well, I have a dresser that needs to be stripped and painted, and at least 4 to 5 of us can work on that one. There is yard work too, and the outside of the house can be washed... you know, from all the winter gunk that is on it... and old spider webs and stuff.... I love it when the whole family comes home.
Highlights from last year....first you color the easter eggs, and then what do you do with the leftover egg dye. Well, you dye some wool, don't you.

ok, I am off to get stuff done. Oh, and there isn't a new Grey's Anatomy until April 19th, by the way. I was talking with the producers last week, on their PodCast.... so, I have all evening to get stuff done, and no excuses to sit and watch tv and eat junk tonight.


Scott said...

I will happy take window washing, yard work, and painting over screaming Frosh and a filthy dorm :-)

cpm said...

I bet the kids just can't wait to come home with all that fun family bonding planned! lol! Send them over here after...we have alot of that same stuff planned and sadly Michael and Abbey are no help! :-)

Thank you SOOOOO much for getting the grant done...toute seule! You are a SUPERSTAR!!! If only you had at least 1 competent person on that committee it might be easier on you! hee!hee!