Sunday, March 25, 2007

Purse Club

Purse Club was fun today, and we were only missing 3. Donna G's house is so amazing. It is just so warm, and comfortable. There is absolutely no way to describe it better. And I, myself, feel that is the highest, absolutely highest compliment one can give a home. Thanks Donna. Heather GR won the purse, which leave 3 left to win. Donna G, Ardith and Joy. Heather was hoping to use her money (if she won later in the year) for some trip clothes (her girls weekend in Bar Harbour) but since she won this month, she is thinking about some shoes for Spring...

Cricket, who won last month, presented us with her purchases.... she bought the sweetest little pink Ipod shuffle and a mountain/road bicycle. How fun is that. She was just so sweet when she presented her purchases, thanking us all for the money... she is so cute.

One sad part of the day was that Jill couldn't make it today. Midnight, her long time friend and dog, passed away this morning. Midnight was pretty special in our house. She was Mollie's absolute best friend (next to Jill, of course) Mid was her first grown up friend, and Jill babysat Mollie for 2 weeks when she was just young, which established that connection pretty solidly. Mid has spend many a vacation at our house too, and was part of the family and fit in to the routine without any trouble. Especially 10pm walks and snack time with Grampa.

Midnight was 12 years old I think... oh we will miss her greatly. Our hugs are with you JillyBean.

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cpm said...

Just to let you know I've blogged 4 or 5 days straight...pressure's on Donna! lol!