Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday morning question for the Blogging Community!

Ok, I received a question from Terry's mom, who babysits two beautiful kids (3 year old twins). The boy half of the pair is having some toilet training issues and Joan's question is (since its been a few years since she has had to toilet train a little boy)
Do little boys stand up to pee at 3 years old, or is it the "in" thing to have them sit and pee?

Now, I have never toilet trained a boy, and the little boys I deal with are beyond that issue. Soo......Chantal, get on the horn (or blog) and ask your friends, Josee.... mom of a boy, you must have an opinion, and I know there are a few other little boys in your family. Jill, you have a nephew and I am sure your friends have little ones... Lets help out Joanie, and give her some advise.

By the way, the sleepless nights still prevail, but I am now owning a cold. I think maybe that was the problem with my week. It is here now, and I can deal with it better, now that I know what is up with my body. Somewhat of a relieve, really.

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cpm said...

I haven't started potty training Michael yet but I found this article for Joanie to check out... here's the link

Hope it helps! Feel better! I so feel your pain. I have BIG happy/sad news to share but will have to wait 48 hours before sharing. EEEAAAAKKKKK!!!!!