Saturday, March 3, 2007

Curling, Fondue and Beans

well, a Grampa update. Dad is resting comfortably but not happily at the hospital, with an arthritic knee. Dr Siva saw him today with the good news that it is not an infection... but rather a blah blah blah kind of arthritis that is pretty nasty. She gave him a cortisone shot right in the knee and he is to rest for a few days. The down side is that they are now playing around with his medication, and it is leaving him rather out of sorts. But, hopefully in a couple of days things will stabilize. He is not happy being there, and is confused at some moments and not at others.
Tomorrow, I am going to arrange for a TV so he can at least listen to the curling games, as he won't be able to see the screen as it is pretty tiny. Its so friggin boring in that room. His roommate is a gentleman with some breathing problems so he is pretty noisy (especially when he is asleep) and that is a pain. But I have a feeling now that dad has less pain, and is able to get some rest, he will have a much better sleep. Of course, the better he is feeling, the more annoyed with things he gets.

In celebration of all three kids home, Scott has treated us to a beautiful meal tonight. It is being prepared as we speak. A Beef and Shrimp fondue with his mom's fantastic holandaise sauce. Michelle made a salad, and we will have a chocolate fondue for dessert. Sadly, poor dad had beans and chicken noodle soup for supper, but when I left him, he was resting fairly soundly, ready for his normal after supper snooze.!!

I will pop in and see him early tomorrow morning, and then again at noon. Michelle is anxious to get to see him before she goes.... if I can convince her to go. That is not working so far, but once she visits and sees that he is good, she will feel better. They did get to chat on the phone today.. and that helped. Although he doesn't want visitors at all, I can't hold back the tsunami called Michelle.

Anyway... its getting better each time i visit, so I am looking forward to tomorrow....


cpm said...

Interesting title!!! Glad to hear things are looking up with your Dad! I will keep him in my prayers.

We both wrote about what we had for supper today...what a coincidence! Hope yours was as good as mine!

Josee said...

glad to hear hear is better Donna. I was working on his knee fluid at the lab.

dp said...

Thanks Josee... Its kinda cool that you were working on his knee fluid.. .and makes me, once again, realize just how gross your job really is...... thanks for liking your job and being there... it helps us all

papermemories said...

Yeah Grandpa!
So glad that he is feeling better!
THinking about all of you...tell Michelle to go. She should go see him. It will make her and Grndpa feel better!

Anonymous said...

Hope your dad is able to get home soon. I know from experience how uncomfortabe dads are in the hospital and how frustrating it is to go visit someone who does not want visitors!
Your supper (not Ernie's) sounded delicious. What a treat to come home to a delicous meal cooked by your kids after spending the day in the hospital.
Bye to Michelle and Scott - tell them to kepp plugging away, this year will be over before they know it!