Thursday, February 15, 2007

Storm Days.. gotta love em... really!!!

Ok, this is my second storm day. Although, by "contract" I am suppose to go into school on storm days... and, most days I do.... it doesn't mean I have to work while I am there! A storm day is a great sort of day to get lots of things done, because of the peace and quiet, and very few interruptions. BUT... there are just some days you don't feel like getting stuff done. Soo.... yesterdays' storm day "Got Done List"... Chatted with... Linda McA, Jilly Bean MacD, Shelley and Melissa the cleaners, a couple of parents... and of course Linda Young... who got a lovely little surprise from her hubby on Valentines day Morning. You guys will have to ask her yourself if you wanna know what she got for Valentines from her sweetie!! Oh, and while your asking, inquire as to what she gave to her hunny for the Valentines occasion! Sweet couple of love birds, they are!!
Ok, back to may snow day list.... so then... I went to Superstore with our big list of groceries needed for the staff breakfast for Thursday Morning!! ugh, big mistake, because I then had to answer to every parent I met as to why school was cancelled. ugh... In the words of Chantal McAlpine (whom hasn't updated her blog yet) I did the "WALK OF SHAME" though the grocery store aisles, averting my eyes when I recognized a parent.
Then back to the school... and did some payroll work with Linda Young and Linda Naugler... didn't feel like it, but it has to get done. People just don't have a sense of humor about their paychecks!! THEN.... Linda Y and I spent the rest of the afternoon, making breakfast for the staff... We made a gigantic bowl of fruit salad... yum... grapes, pineapple, strawberries, melons... oh...yum... Then we made Xmas Morning Wife Saver casseroles. They have to sit over night before you bake them. We set up the staff room, and got everything ready for a yummy breakfast with our fantastic staff.
Of I went home to make brownies and a yummy supper for the two valentines in my life, my hubby and my dad. Curling was cancelled so I spent an hour with Curtis Stone, (thanks Kelly) my hunky Australian chef friend, that has a show from 6 to 7pm on TLC. I try and spend at least an hour a week with him, but I could spend an hour a day with him if I had the chance. That was a nice treat since curling was cancelled.

TODAY.... I woke up at 5:30 and jumped in the shower that was for some reason very cold, and it never warmed up. I jumped out and blew my hair dry and then hopped back into bed to wait for the news at 6:00 but more importantly.. the 6:05 announcement about school cancellations... I would have had to get to school by 6:30 to turn on the ovens and have the Wife savers in the oven by 6:50 to have them all ready to eat... so I couldn't wait until the cancellation announcement to have a shower, just in case.... SO.... school was cancelled all across the province and I stayed snuggled in bed for another hour. But, once your up, the cats and the dog feel cheated or something, and they begin to perform. My cats were of the same mind as Stephanie's cats, and I quote from her "The cats held a gladiator show in celebration." The added mix at my house is when the cats start performing, the dog thinks its an audience participation show. She then needs to boom her big bark and big body across my room, down the hall and into the midst of two cats who then run down the hall, into the bedrooms, followed by Mollie who thinks she has a hope in hell of catching them. After the third round of this... they won. I got up and fed everyone. I made a pot of coffee and then snuggled down under the duvet and around Terry the furnace.. who has soundly slept though the alarm, the hair blowing, the cat vs dog show, and my very cold legs. I just start drifting off.... and the phone rings at 7:05am and its Terry's mom, with a computer problem. Ummm.... should I tell her he's sleeping or should I wake him up... (oh, he slept through the phone ringing too). Ahhhh.... I will wake him up!!! hee hee... Poor Joan, though, her computer is brand new, and they had a power outage last night in the city, and her windows program is fried!! Terry may have to do a home visit.
So... at 9:00 I made my dad's breakfast as a treat for him and then off to work to make breakfast for the staff. I baked all the Wife Savers and washed all the forks and spoons for breakfast, and can't find any knifes. Linda McAloney came in just on time to dry spoons and forks and we made one batch of tea biscuits for fun. yum, they were excellent. The Wife Savers are off in the fridge now ready to be heated up for breakfast tomorrow morning, and we will make the tea biscuits tomorrow morning. We had a nice visit with Erin Postle and Gerald Banks and then we all went home at noon..
This afternoon is mine... all mine and I am going to nap and make some treats for the weekend. I am off to Claire tomorrow, right after school to curling for the weekend. Debbie Walker, Wendy, Hazel and moi. Should be interesting with the weather the way it is... but a weekend away.. just the same.

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