Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Don't believe them when they tell you its easy!!

Scrapbooking. Its hard. Its hard to be creative. I can't even steal other peoples ideas easily. I just don't visualize... ugh.

I am a GREAT aunt of 5. My sister has 5 grandchildren. 3 of which are 5 year old triplets. Born Feb 5 (yesterday), 2002. They start school this September. When they were born, actually, before they were born....over 5 years ago... I offered to scrapbook their first year. Can you imagine how fun that would be.... and it was. ........At first.

But then I got busy... had my first daughter graduating from high school and took on a grad book project for her.... then summer, then September in a school... then Xmas... and so on and so on... second daughter graduates... another big project, then a heritage book for my sister... then a good bye gift for an old friend... oh, the projects kept popping up and bumping back the little miracle babies. Until..... the fun album became an "albatross". Worse.... it became an embarrassment (that I hadn't got it finished) and created....SCRAPPER's BLOCK.

With the help of Jill MacD, I got a nice portion of the book "half" done... you know, the basics planned out, and cropped and stacked. That was at least 2 years ago. Now, thanks to Debbie I am getting a bit done every week. But its lost its fun... for heaven's sake... the kids are 5... oh.... How to turn scrapbooking fun into scrapbooking
stress. This is the 5 grandchildren this past summer. All

have a corn on the cob picnic at the cottage. Can you believe it... Who wouldn't want to scrap them.
So here I sit. Trying to scrap. Two days in a row. So what am I doing... Blogging. ugh.
I am finished the hardest and most important part of the book, actually. That is a relieve. I am finished the first 10 pages with all the important stuff.... the pregnancy... the arrival.. the ultra sounds.. the baby showers... the room.... the grandparents... the first pictures... when they are minutes old and just 2lbs each...

Also, I have about 10 pages done when they are home and healthy... fat and funny.

So.... now I am starting the middle stuff... the 2 months in hospital... getting strong and changing their looks every picture that is taken. I have scanned their little knitting hats and have printed them and they are sweet. They are the exact size of the real hats... they are cute out and ready to use. I have about 30 pictures of the babies in the incubators. Some sleeping.. some peeking out of blankets...some of them bright and colorful and others are bundles of arms, legs, wires and blankets. I sort of have them sorted... by date.... and by baby. But I think I may not sort by baby because I can't be sure who is who....

Like this amazing picture of two of the babies in one bed. Mitchell was lonesome. Imagine, he just couldn't settle. So they put the littlest one in with him, Little Grace. It settled him down alright.. but they couldn't share the bed for long because Grace, although she was the smallest, she was the most active, and therefore created havoc on the wires and monitors that kept them both healthy. How sweet!!!

So... thats what is going on here. I am trying to be creative... for several reasons. I want to get it finished before the kids graduate from high school and also because its such a fun topic.... and they are so sweet.
ok... I have procrastinated enough... time to scrap.


Anonymous said...

Keep it at and get 'er done girl! Your sister will love it! I've seen your work and it's amazing! I'm sure your scrapbook of the triplets will be worth the wait!
When you're done you can help me with mine! lol! Just what you wanted to hear eh?!? ha!ha!

papermemories said...

Way to go, Donna! I can't wait to see those finished pages! You must be thrilled to be on a roll with them!

Josee said...

Keep it up Donna! You will get there.

Happy Stamper said...

Hi Donna,
Don't look ahead but a page at a time. If anything look back at what you have accomplished and consider how that makes you feel. That feeling of satisfaction and knowing you are doing a 'good thing' will carry you through!

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna- It will get done...and it is beautiful so far! The most difficult pages are done...and you will be able to get the other pages laid out and put together without as much stress as those first pages. Back on track with Monday nights this week and I'll be encouraging you through the rest of this project!!!
Love your blogs!