Thursday, August 16, 2007

Awesome Awning

Done. Terry spend most of the evening "lashing" the awning down, during a rain and wind "episode", and the awning behaved. Remember, we had no idea how this was going to work, as we were inventing the wheel. Anyway, we sat out on the deck and admired the project until fairly late and finally I got too cold and had to come in. I am wondering where the chimney will go for a fireplace so we can sit out longer at night. Ok, kidding.

In the afternoon, one of our Black-backed Woodpeckers that visit the bird feeder came for a visit and literally walked every inch of the brand new wooden support posts, pecking and peeking and then rat-a-tatted the small hardwood disks at the top for a few minutes. It had a very metalica rattle to it... gave us quite a chuckle.

Terry.... lashing, as he calls it.

Last night, in the dark... done. The funny lighting at the top of the awning is one of those Christmas "tubes" of lights. We are going to look around for something a little more "summery" but there is no rush.
Time will tell if this will hold during a high wind. We are prepared for disaster, and Terry has come up with some design changes that need to happen when we take the fabric down in the fall. As well, as the painting of the tubing, etc.
So there you go. Thank you for all the nice comments. We enjoyed putting it all together, and it was fun to blog it too.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!! Looks wonderful!! Congrats on a job well done!! So when are you coming up to help us with all our projects, inside and out? sheesh sheesh sheesh

ancient one said...

Just Terrific!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off you guys - it's just beautiful!!!! It was fun watching it go up on your blog Donna.

Your Cuzamie