Sunday, December 6, 2009

Recap of my life

It's December. Today is our first snow fall and we have been waiting for snow since mid November. Here in the valley, we always have at least one major snowstorm in November, but not this year. Facebook is full of people wanting snow, or not wanting snow. Snow is what we all talk about, whether its here or not. Well, its here, but I don't think it will stay with us for very long. A day. Its been so warm in the valley this year. Well, warm for winter.... We have had a very long fall.

My goal to blog every day in November was cruelly cut short by the arrival of H1N1 in my life. I went back to work on Monday after being sick for 9 days with it, and after being at work for 1 day, I was drained and tired, with a stupid cough that freaked out most people. I had it verified by some medical professionals that I was no long contagious even though the cough sounded bad. But work was a bit much. I stayed home another day and a half this week, and by the time Friday afternoon came along, I was so exhausted, I barely ate. I tried to go shopping for Xmas stuff on Friday night, and ended up home, in bed, sound asleep by 9pm, and slept solid until 7:30 on Saturday morning.

Saturday arrived, raining and cold. Terry and I were planning on getting the vaccine for H1N1 today. Yes, even though I had just been through the actually illness, medical opinion is, unless you have been swabbed and confirmed, you can't be 100 percent sure you had it... and therefore, not protected. With being so exhausted and an increase in my coughing, I decided not to get the needle, just in case I wasn't fully recovered. I did go with Terry when he had his, and met up with Patsy and she convinced me to get it.... and so I did. So here we sit, Sunday morning, totally protected from H1N1 and both with sore arms. Actually, not too bad. Terry felt terrible last night, but we shopped for like 10 hours yesterday, and I felt sort of terrible too.

My advise, if you haven't gotten your vaccine yet, do it. The clinics are not busy now, they are a breeze, and the vaccine will save you so much time and energy!

My sugar free November was a "piece of cake" (pardon the pun), since from Nov 20th on, i was appetite free!!!. I am trying to keep things going for December, although I do have a chocolate every now and then at work. Of course, that's how it all starts... but I am watching myself.

Blogging for December will be fun, since there seems to be a lot going on. I am going to end my blog, as of Dec 31 2009. I am not sure why I blog, but its become an albatross some days, hanging over my head, trying to think of things to blog. I have used my blog to keep family history alive, and to share about my gardens, my pets, my family. Life is changing for me, and there isn't much I can blog about, that hasn't been written already. I am going to use this month to finish up some blogs that I want to post.

Thank you for following me. I will leave my blog online, because I have lots of great blog links that I like to go to. I may want to get back into it, once I stop blogging, we will see!


Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so!!!! You are going to stop blogging!!! - I fear that I will feel so disconnected! Even tho I talk to you just about every day, I love reading your blogs. You are a truly gifted writer and your blogs are always so fun and interesting to read.
On the other hand, I can totally understand the albatross it has become and the pressure you feel when you know that there are people like me anxiously waiting for your next blog post.
I was so happy to hear that you and Terry both got the vaccine yesterday. It was a very efficient clinic and I feel relieved that I now have this vaccine in me and hopefully won't suffer with the flu like you did

Mick said...

Hmmm the end of the blog? I doubt this, you're going to face a lot of crankiness from Dartmouth if you end your blog!

GailM. said...

I agree with Mickermoodles... Your poor sister wants to know what you're up to. We got our h1n1 shot's last Sunday. The sore arm thing goes away in about 4 days. 10 hours of shopping is way too much especially with no sugar... You have a much bigger family than I do. Our shopping is pretty easy.

S said...

Much sadness in Korea about the end of your blog... but I know what you mean, sometimes it just feels like there's nothing to write about.

Keep an open mind, maybe a more casual schedule could help...

cpm said...

Noooooooooooooooooo! I love reading about your life...even though I work with you everyday. You are such a wonderful writer! I have both laughed and cried while reading your blogs.
i hope that when you'll miss it...or the peer pressure to start up again will get to ya! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh No! First Oprah, then you!!
Like everyone else I truly enjoy reading your blogs -every one of them. It's often the way I end my day (like today).
Thanks for sharing so much with the rest of us. Maybe you'll come out of retirement!!