Friday, March 4, 2011

When will the snow go away?

The sunshine last weekend and part of this weekend is giving my cats false hope that they will once again be roaming the yard, hunting and prancing amongst the grass and bugs. We pinned the door open for Tonks and she perched in the doorway enjoying the sun. She finally made her move and braved the pavement but was very intimated by the high snow banks along the sidewalk

Then it became all too much for her, and she bolted into the house and up onto the table at the top of the stairs... probably for a better look at the outside, but still well out of reach of any monsters that might drag her back outside (like Terry!)
Paralax was much more willing to try out the outside world. She has been out more and more each day but finds the snow and the melting snow (as in puddles) very limiting!!!

I am still waiting for the green ball of twigs to die. I am waiting so I can pull it apart and see how its made. It has some slight browning happening.

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mvm said...

It's going, and I think it may be all gone by the time we go back after the March break. It was so nice getting back from Mexico and coming home to grass...ahhh!