Thursday, June 16, 2011

How much fun can you have with a name?

What do you think of when you hear the name "Jack"

Jumpin' Jack Flash..... Jack & Dianne....Captain Jack..... Jack & Jill... Jack and the Beanstalk.... Hit the road Jack..... the game of Jacks... Jack Daniels.....
When I hear the name Jack... I get this warm tingly feeling all over my body but mostly in my heart!

This is "my" Jack. He was unveiled today when Michelle and Scott went for their ultrasound. He is 12 ounces right now, and 20 cms long. While they were at the appt, the proud parents had the most amazing experience watching him roll, kick, fold, bend and lay still. He was totally showing off for them and allowed the technician to take lots of pictures and lots of measurements too. The due date is right where they thought... just before Halloween.
We have had lots of fun with planning baby things.. but it will be even more fun, now that we know who he really is.


Anonymous said...

Love this post Donna...Jack is such a cool may connections, stron, simple and now yours to love!
Planning for a new baby boy is going to be so much fun!!!!
:) Debbie

Jill MacD said...

Love the name are going to be such a GREAT Grammies!

ancient one said...

I had 2 Uncle Jacks on my mother's on my father's side...Now I have a cousin Jack and my brother's grandson is Jack. So needless to say, I love the name Jack. I'm so happy for all of you!!

GailM. said...

That is such a little boy name. Sometimes Jack is a nick name for John. We'll have fun doing some embroidery on stuff for Baby Jack.