Friday, August 26, 2011

whose got time to blog in the summer.....

...But the tough part is, I had such a great summer... its well worth blogging about, even if its for my own memoirs. I have thought about how to do this, and I will probably blog in order, and I will post them in order... and then repost them after a week or so, to the actual dates they happened so that I can keep good record.

One of the really fun part about my job working in a school is that I get seven weeks off during the summer. I enjoy those 7 weeks immensely and take advantage of every moment. The really hard part about that whole luxury is... for the last 2 weeks of my time off... I am fretting about wasting my whole summer and not getting stuff done that I had planned to do. I hum and haw, and plan, and make lists but still, I watch TV, I visit with friends, I garden and even sew. But then during my last two days before going back.. I cram so much stuff in that I really need to get back to work, just to get a rest!

Just a cute little note... at the very start of the summer, actually, before school was over.. Terry and I were called upon to do our grandparental duties and babysit Michelle and Scotts cats, Apollo and Sirius. We had a great two weeks with them and they often sat shoulder to shoulder, staring at the wilderness TV out our front window.When I snapped this picture I was reminded of them when they were little 3 month old kittens, home from university for Thanksgiving. They did the same thing, and it was so exciting for them to watch the birds and squirrels. Here they are..... at 3 months old!

I am just eating the Peach Ice Cream... Is it delicious?..... most certainly....... was it worth all the trouble?..... maybe..... would I make it again? .... most definitely NO. But oh my, its very good.

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