Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring has sprung.. again.

Monster Rhubarb - Late March
Its been sort of a crazy (but nice) spring here in the Valley.  We had almost summer like conditions in late March/early April.  It sort of gave us a false sense of spring.  Gardens were raked and twigs removed and lots of little spring treasures were unburied.

The garden Early April
With the nice weather, Terry spent an afternoon turning my little garden and getting all the sneaking moss and weeds out of it.  This was March and then the weather turned really cold and miserable for April.  It was nice to look out the window and see the nice clean garden, but it was way too cold to do anything out there.

Rhubarb- Strawberry type... 
 This is the Rhubarb I planted last spring, and it barely grew during the summer... I think just the shock of replanting, and then I  totally ignored it all summer.  We shall see how it fares this spring.  I am looking forward to some rhubarb from these little plants.
My compost Daffodils... weird
These rogue daffodils popped up in the thick layer of oak leaves in my compose.  I think its a little gift from Wendy's dad... and you see, the flowers are facing her house...
Same Monster Rhubarb -mid April
Monster Rhubarb - early May
 Just two weeks later, the big monster rhubarb that I keep trying to give to my sister is again too big to transplant to New Brunswick.  I am going to have to dig it up this fall... geeeeesh.  Another year of monster rhubarb harvesting.
Strawberry Rhubarb - mid April
Strawberry Rhubarb - Early May
 I think my little strawberry rhubarb will be successful this year.  I am looking forward to small bright red stalks instead of the giant, green stalks from my monster plants.  Should be interesting if my muffins I make will taste any different with the small red chunks... 
We filled a big yard garbage bag today with these pesky little yellow dandelions.  Man, some of them grew bigger than my rhubarb.  What is their secret!
White Bleeding Heart Mid April
Bleeding Heart early May

Mystery Daffodils getting even bigger in my compost

Nut Hatch
This narrow tree trunk is in our side garden.  The tree broke off two years ago.  This hole appeared last fall and  today we saw little nuthatches birds going in and out of this with nest building materials.  I brought them two beetles and a grub I found while digging.. I hope they like them.
Ah, my babbling brook.

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