Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Day of the YEAR 2007

With snow falling softly outside....ok, softly, but sideways and tons of it, we sit around our livingroom and reflect on the year gone by. So many things to reflect on, and that's another good reason to blog. When your memory fails ya, you can always flip though your past blogs to see what actually went on in your life! Sadly, (I don't blog everything, and even sadder, I only remember the stuff I blogged!)

Stephanie, Sean and Angus, our guest from Ottawa, have taken the next leg of their trip and hopped the Digby/St.John Ferry to St. John and spent last night at Sean's house. Tonight, they hitch a ride to Fredsville with Sean's parents and will be home after supper to spend New Years in their apt... the one with NO INTERNET..... They overdosed on high speed wireless living at our house and it will be a major CRASH for them when they can only stare at the walls. Of course, if they play their cards write, my sister might deliver their gifts from me that were stored at her house, and one of them is a tv so they could actually watch a movie or play Wii. All depends how early they get in from St. John. As promised, a geek pic of 5 kids, 5 laptops flying!!Terry's 2 and Dad's 1, are there, just not manned!!!

I am now on the third day with my retainer. I am no longer gagging and my teeth are very excited. They get brushed about 4 times a day, and are moving around as I speak. I am talking pretty good but it is very obvious that my "lisp" will be the brunt of many jokes, since I have heard quite a few so far... sufferin' suckatash ... a saying I never say, has become the theme song for my new way of speaking. Should be very interesting when I am answering the phone at school!!!! The kids won't even notice, because I will join the ranks of half of them whom are all wearing "appliances" as well. After wearing braces for a year, and a retainer at night only (without any real side effects) this retainer wearing, 24/7 has shown me how much I "pop" things in my mouth and it could be the answer to my thick middle and thunder like thighs. I chuckle at the amount of times I "pop" the last little bit of what ever I am chopping into my mouth. Also, with Xmas season in full swing, and all the little bowls of chocolates (thanks Lynn, Kitty & Deb), homemade skor bars (thanks to Suzanne), Bits and Bites (thanks to Kelly), I can no longer "pop" anything in my mouth without serious complications!!! I think I could go on the Shopping Channel and sell that idea to millions. How to survive the Xmas Season and not have lift a finger of exercise!!! ~~~~Retainer"onna" ~~~

The death of a gingerbread house.
Well, the tree came down today.... it is usually something I do on New Years day, but today was a good day, as it was snowing so much outside anyway. The tree was stripped, dumped outside in a snowbank and everything put back where it belongs. Then I rearranged the decorations in their old storage space and pulled out some snowman stuff that I haven't seen in a while.
In all the gingerbread houses we have made in the past (not really that many) we have never thought to eat them. They are fun to make, and then look at and then we dump them. Scott, has enriched are lives in the Peters family on many levels, and eating our Gingerbread house is just another lesson we learned from him.

One last entry. You remember Sonny.... my deaf 18 year old cat. He's the one who picks a weird place to sleep and then adopts it for a month or so. His new spot... and its been his spot for about 3 weeks now... even through all the company.... is....... my bed. We have gone through the "sleeping on my pillow" phase for a while, then at my feet for another month long phase. I mean... morning noon and night... every time he needs a sleep (which is fairly often, now a days.)

sooooo, anyway, his new spot, is again, on my bed, but get this...... he wants to sleep beside me, but with no covers. He wants to be right by my ribs but if I put the covers up, he climbs onto my pillow and bugs me until I remove the covers. He sleeps a lot during the day, in the exact spot where I sleep, and then at night, he waits until I roll over and then makes his way on to the bed and demands that the covers be pulled back and he sleeps beside me. Its a REAL PAIN, but then he is very old, and soon to be gone and I don't have the heart to lock him out of my room (which is the only way he will leave me and my spot alone). I thought I better snap a picture of this spot, as I have a feeling it will be his last favorite spot :(

***** Happy New Year Everyone & I'll blog more next year***


GailM. said...

ohhh, I didn't get the kids their stuff last night. It was a storm and I thought they might be late getting home... I wonder if they're up yet...It's 10am New Years Day...

cpm said...

We didn't eat our Gingerbread House either..too funny!
Did you have the retainer in when I spoke to you this week? If so I didn't even notice so don't worry!!
I'll hold you to that blogging often in 2008!!! lol!