Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis the season!!!

Sometimes I wish I could "audio" blog (I guess that is a podcast). I haven't sat down often over the past two weeks, but when I did, I didn't have much brain power to write it down.

What's happenin?
3 Christmas Concerts at school, two storms, mega shopping, baking, cooking and wrapping, kids coming home (during storms) and company coming and leaving in a blink.... and turkey dinner for 500. Oh, yeah, and normal day to day housework, dad care, dog & cat care and me care.

Our concerts this year were spectacular and fun. Our school population is about 500 and with each one of those children comes one or more parents, two or more sets of grandparents and a few siblings. Because our family circle is fairly large, our concerts have to have not much more than 150 to 200 in them so that we have enough room for our audience. This year, we had three separate and different concerts for three different age levels. The first two went off fairly well. With our Music Teacher and Gym teacher both brand new to the school (and one is brand new to Nova Scotia) it was stressful at times for them both to learn the ins and outs of how all the stuff happens around here, as well as teaching us the way they like to organize their concerts. It was a month of happenings and mishaps as far as sound systems, choir risers, programs, costumes, decorations, stage boxes and "entrance" timings. The third and last concert for our littlest and brand new children had a snow storm set back, but was rescheduled for today. With a dress rehearsal today which got all the fidgeting out of there system.. they were set to go. The audience of millions of parents arrived well in advance, and the doorways were filled to standing room only. The little 5 years olds marched in and up onto the risers with pride and purpose and were followed by the most confident 6 and 7 year olds I have ever seen. They were well prepared and eager to perform. One of the star "bakers" had a temporary melt down after the practice but a phone call to mom, a pep talk from Mrs. Howse and a reassuring hug from her twin sister and she was calm and eager for her afternoon of stardom. And they shone and bright at stars, with the entire audience in awe and well satisfied that they had attended the most spectacular Christmas Concert of all time. That's the way every parent should feel when their little treasures are done a performance.

Our school hosted the FIRST annual turkey dinner for all the students and staff of the school. Mrs. Clark cooked 10 large turkeys all week and near drove us all crazy with the smell. Parents changed the whole dining area around and made it into a beautiful dining room with the tables all set with juice, cookie and candy cane at every setting. The kids were amazing and excited to have lunch at tables with white table clothes, placemats and treats. The parent volunteers we had served every little child who wished a turkey dinner and the kids were well behaved and respectful of all the kids around them.
The community donated all the potatoes, veggies, juice boxes and candy canes. How wonderful are the local businesses around us. And the parent volunteers were here in droves and were an amazing help and proud to be here on our very first FREE turkey dinner. (we did accept free will offerings from those who chose to donate).

there will be more to blog.... but I have to go, as I have a potluck in 15 minutes..... stay tuned for birthday news, company who came and went in a flash, and kids home... decorating the tree.... wow......


cpm said...

We have such a great school! (and a queen who runs it ALL behind the scenes!!!)

Jill MacDonald said...

How much fun must that have been! I am missing all the excitement (and the people too, of course!)

GailM. said...

It's fun working with the little ones, isn't it. You are a good egg. My new name is flash. We show up in a flash, and we leave in a flash. I was glad to spend time with you and Jill on Saturday morning. I made a stash for Jessie and Emmie. That'll be a nice winter activity over the holidays.

ancient one said...

Something those children will remember forever. Free turkey lunch with table cloths. Merry Christmas!!