Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer blog blahs

In reading all my favorite bloggers... or not reading them I should say, the unanimous vote is that summertime is a tough time to blog. Not sure why.

I have done the most "things" this summer, I have ever done... and yet... I am having trouble blogging.

I think I will start a summer in review daily blog, as there are so many things I didn't blog this summer and.... the summer is coming to a fast end for me. I am back to work in 12 days.... that would be 7 working days....

My Pond

There aren't too many of my blogreading friends that don't have a pet, or had a pet. I am down to 2 pets (not counting the fish on my kitchen counter that refuse to die!) But, in the summer I usually have one more. He is the best pet I have ever had. He is my frog. I never feed him, or bath him, walk him or brush him. But he gives me so much pleasure each day. Sick, I know. Its a game each time I leave my doorstep to find him. And there hasn't been a day in a while that I am not disappointed. He is always there. Either on the lily pad, on the rocks or floating (not upside down) in the little pond. Can you spot him (he's in the water)

My little pond is no bigger than 4 feet across and it filled with two lily plants (one the baby of the other) that sit in the pond through all the seasons. it is so ecologically stable that it produces flowers every week (from each plant, not always at the same time) and it houses my little unnamed frog. But this week we discovered we have two little frogs. Different sizes and and different markings. Soooo, the game is bigger now, because I am always looking for two. I don't always see two, but I always see one of them, and often two.



S said...

It is definitely harder to blog in the summer, even though there are more things going on for most people... for me it's hard because not a whole lot goes on day to day around here at the moment, but I suppose some people might actually be out in the sun!

Jill said...

My days are just too boring to blog about...and since I have been up to my neck in math curriculum, my stamping has been neglected so I have ABSOLUTELY nothing blog worthy. Did you find out when your golf tourney was?

ancient one said...

I could see your frog. You have a nice pond..