Monday, August 25, 2008

Hummingbird Horror

Well, I have been wanting to blog this every since it happened but I was just bombarded with stuff and couldn't get to it... but its totally weird.

Last Friday, I was sitting in Dad's chair next to the big picture window when a hummingbird sort of buzzed by at breakneck speed past the window. He sort of came too close to the window and grazed it with his side and bounced off slowing down just slightly. We often have birds hit the big window, mostly in the morning when the reflection of the trees in the yard fills the window and confuses the birds. But this particular bounce was at noon and the hummingbird was sort of parallel with the window and had a sideways bounce.

Now that in itself is quite strange but the thing that happened next was even stranger. As he glided off the window he sped past our "weather stick" and stopped in his tracks...... tangled in a spider/cob web. I hate spiders, therefore, I hate spider webs.. That being said, I wouldn't kill a spider either and I am too creeped out by spiderwebs to ever disturb one, in case the spider jumps out from somewhere, lands on me and ewwwwww.... its toooo gross to even explain!

The particular web was quite large and didn't really look like a spider web as the strands were too thick. It was more like a cob web... you know... those dusty looking things that grow in the corners of your living room and you only see them when company is sitting on your couch!!!!

This poor little hummingbird got tangled in the thick sticky strands of the web... by his feet. In a split second he was hanging upside down... his wings spread out straight beside him and his head pointing straight down and he hung there as still as a statue. I was horrified to see this little guy hanging there.. and was in some what of shock looking at him. I couldn't tell if he was dead or not, because he was soooo still. I actually thought about taking a picture but then thought it might be too morbid.

Terry was home so we both rushed outside, me with a box, and Terry with a stick. He didn't move one feather, as Terry reached as high as he could to pick up the web... and as he lowered the web and the bird, it grazed the cedar tree, and he grabbed onto the tree. We left him there, and as I watched, his little heart was beating faster than I could even count.. and he sat nestled in a limb for a few minutes, and every now and then he would shift around until he was finally sitting upright. The cobweb was still hanging from his little feet but I didn't dare try and help him any more for fear of giving him a little heart attack. After a little while, he was gone, I didn't see him fly away, and he wasn't on the ground dead, so I figured he recovered enough to survive.

Now, that was the weirdest thing I have ever seen, and Terry cleaned off the rest of the web and the story was done. I thought! Later that night, well after dark, Michelle and Scott were home, and I was sitting in the same chair. As we chatted, I was reminded of the hummingbird and told them all about it. As I am telling the story I look up to the window and I see the spider that built the web.... and it is the BIGGEST, Ugliest spider I have ever seen... just as I tell the others to look, it zips up to the roof and disappears. Of course, that leaves me looking like a wimp and they just don't believe that it was a BIG spider. They know how I hate them... and figure I am just a baby about it all. Moments later, it returns and I direct Scottie to the window where he immediately goes into "WOW...."mode! ewwwww..... we all watch this thing re build its web and he is the size of the bottom of a coffee cup. My first reaction is to pass sentence on him ... he shall be killed! This totally goes against my grain, but man, he was just toooooo....ewww.... oh, I can't tell ya. I didn't sleep all night, thinking about it, but early on in the morning, I changed my mind. I can live with it, up there... as long as it doesn't come in the house. And it would need to knock to get in, as there are no rogue openings in my house big enough for it to come in. I am now at peace with this creature, who probably has survived many battles to grow that big. Off I go to a yard sale with Michelle and Stephanie and when we get home... Terry and Scott were proud to tell me that the beast was dead... and his mate! there were two. Oh, I felt terrible. My stomach ached for the rest of the day over those two ugly beasts until finally Terry put into prospective and told me that if we didn't rid the house of those... imagine how many would have made it in over the winter.... I feel a bit better now, and not another hummingbird will be tangled up in their web. Now, warning... if you hate them as much as I do... don't look at he picture. It hard to see how big he really is, but believe me... BIG.

This picture shows you the window, the weather stick and way up above is the spider. The hummingbird hung just above the weatherstick. The web went from the roof to the stick. Terry took the whole thing down in the afternoon, and mr spider built it back by the next day. This is the spider... as big as a toonie... that's how big!


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GailM. said...

oh Gross is right.

Anonymous said...

All the more reason (like I needed one) to HATE spiders.. ye-uck!!!

ancient one said...

Does everything grown better and bigger in Canada? That is some spider.

Anonymous said...

Donna, at first I thought it was going to be a story where you described watching the spider roll up the hummer in his web and devour it! Ewwwww!

Jacklyn Craft said...

Poor little bird. I hope he got through the ordeal unscathed.

As for the spiders.... ICK!!!! I think you did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I hate spiders too, but I don't think I would have been brave enough to get the Web down. Love your story, I felt like my skins was crawling just reading it. You are the best.The Diamondtologist ....